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[MERGED PR] Gives medical a prepared belt.
Give medical one of em siren hats, for when they wanna go ambulance mode
Just to comment on the fact that hyposrpays are viewed as rare, you can make them for either 0.2 or 0.3 of conductor-crystal-metal combo at a medfab (can’t remember if it’s the former or latter). Hyposprays are insanely easy to make since nobody touches medfab, you can make 6 even without rockbox ores
(09-20-2022, 06:09 PM)saccharineChampion Wrote: No, I don't carry syringes; if I'm doing a bottle from a vendor, I pour it into my hypospray.
(Same number of clicks and keypresses; syringe is 3x click of syringe, bottle, draw from bottle then press C to switch to inject, then click to inject (and then hope patient stay still!); hypo is click bottle on menu, click hypo, press E, click hypo to pull out of inventory, click to inject (instant))

Heavily agree with this, I rarely carry a syringe (though really, you should), but I usually always have 3-4 hyposprays on me. They aren't rare at all and usually very easy to fabricate. They are faster and feel so much more satisfying to use (the sound when you inject someone... peak audio design).

As a doctor, my main job is to get someone healed as fast as possible. If I have to fumble around with different bottles and take around 2 seconds to inject someone, that can mean the difference between life and death. Hyposprays are essential to be effective at healing people in emergency situations. The fact that they limit chems that go into it is a good thing, because it limits griefing and improves gameplay.

Regarding the changes in the thread, yes please. Just start us off with all the stuff in belt already and rid us of the medkit that most doctors toss as soon as they're able. I also like the suggestion of giving us basic surgical tools such as scalpel, saw and scissors. That would make the belt something like hypospray, brute & burn automender, anaylzer, scalpel, saw and scissors.

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