Complaint Inconsistent bans.
I was permanently banned for calling someone a "nigger". After reading some other complaints it appears that other people who have used gendered, or racial slurs have been warned multiple times prior to receiving a ban. Furthermore, the bans that they have received have been significantly less severe than mine. So I would like to ask why they have been warned multiple times before being banned, why they are receiving much lighter bans, and why I get permanently banned, and they don't.
I don't know which other slurs you have in mind, but we pretty much always permaban if someone drops the nword with hard r.
The slurs I'm primarily talking about are ones such as "bitch" or "cunt" and other ones directly mentioned in the rules. I'm not sure if you take into account the severity of the slurs used but I've seen multiple people getting warnings before being banned when using the aforementioned slurs (and even then the bans weren't permanent) and was wondering why I wasn't granted this privilege.

and on a related note, I'd like to ask if it is possible to get a permanent ban revoked at some point
also, I don't mean to be disrespectful, so my apologies if it's coming off that way.

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