Leah mentor application
We need more coder mentors so theres more people with a chance of implementing my bad ideas. Leahs friendly, kind and helpful. I see them helping people out on the discord a bunch. Would make a great mentor, give them the beret or whatever it is mentors do.
Leah has been a lovely and consistent presence as long as I can remember, on rp and classic. A hearty +1
Been consistently polite when I seen em on discord and ingame, I'd be cool with Leah getting mentor.
Leah good.
I know I'm adding onto the pile, but Leah is a bery cool person, never played with them either but they are supremely active on Discord and very helpful when it comes to coding.
Mostly seen them on the discord. Very kind, patient and willing to share information with others. Appears to have a genuine love for improving things and creating. A firm +1 from me.
Leah is cool and from what I've seen definitely skilled in the game.

+1 from Johnny Toblerome (and his blown-off leg (inside joke keep scrolling))
Leah is a great help and very friendly and approachable in all areas, including getting people more comfortable with the more finessed aspects of the game. Their knowledge base is incredibly deep and I think mentor is a perfect fit for their skillset and attitude.
Leah is a wonderful person and I love being on their team and I think they would be a great person to be a mentor in my opinion and many others. It's glad to say I will be definietly giving a +1 to this application!
For sure, I see Leah all the time and they are extremely knowledgeable with the ins and outs of the server and gameplay. Kind of surprised they didn't already have it +1

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