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Log systems for certain departments
...I can already see people reading the title and go: "NO! No one should access all the logs..."

Okay wow.. you haven't even "heard" my idea. I don't mean all the logs I mean specific logs...

And before you go: "Well we don't all have places to log things.."
I like to point out to CARGO having logs to see who ordered what and if they were honored or not and who paid for it.
And this is stored on the QM console...

Now what I want is log systems for the following "departments"

- Security
- HoP
- Bridge
- Vending Machines that need ID

Now why do I want a "log system" for them? Well it's for investigative reasons. Alot of things happen SS13 and culprits tend to hide their idenity really well.
Or things happen that become an outright mess....

Now these log systems would be on terminals in their respective areas and will function the following methode:

SECMate logs. To see who entered what data and logged in and out.
There have been many security members confused of who sets someone under arrest or what... it would be nice if there was an indivual log system to acces to see WICH ID changed data and when in the shift.
This will especially help Security not mess up their own administration with putting somoene on arrest for the 3rd time for the same crime.

The most well known thing that happens in HoP is embezzlement of funds or ID's being changed. While fun... it always ends up with the HoP taking the blame.
It wouldn't be bad for a small log system to show time stamps of things happening with wich ID would help a little.
Though this one can be ignored in my opinion. HoP's need to pay attention to their stations anyway.

There are similiar consoles in the HoP's office, but there are two/three consoles I want to focus on that need a log system.
1: Announcement Computer.
Just to see how much announcements been made on the station and what they ment and who said it at wich time. We don't need repeating anouncements or atleast know what was conveyed in the past. Also great for Inspectors to check on and grade players on. 
2: Alerts.
You know how much alerts go off in the station? It would be nice to have a place where command can check those logs out for investigative reasons.
Sure alerts get missed, but they can be logged somewhere. Now those death alerts people missed can be read somewhere on a console in command.

Vending Machines:
Yea.. but they are everywhere. I just think it would be swell you can extract log data from vending machines.
But why?
Well if somoene bought a burrito from a vending machine. It would be neat if someone could say: "Now I should start selling burritos!" using the log data or maybe security can use it to confirm a story... or heck even find out when a stolen ID is used and where. It can lead to silly things.

And that's it.. those places should in my opinion get log systems.
Now I know this might make things easier to bust culprits with these but at the same time we can ignore a few.
I especially want the ones for Bridge and Security.. mostly to clear up confusions around players ESPECIALLY around Secmate.
And I know the detnet and filling cabinet uses a different server and different logs... so I am not sure how it would work for them.

Either way... does anyone have any comments or suggestions on these small log systems?
some of the fun of the game is figuring out exactly whodunit.
what you've failed to consider here is that when I frame people for crime, it funny

Honestly, it would remove RP opportunities instead of creating new ones. Especially the vendor access (there are fingerprints when this becomes relevant in almost any situation) and sec log (it's taking away the achievement of traitors fiddling with secmate).

What i could see for vendors is them giving out a signal with scanned ID or bought item, so mechanics can fiddle out a log if they really want. But this shouldn't be baseline and certainly not on all id locked vendors.

I am really not a fan of this.
Fair point.. I thought the ID logging would be fun for also FRAMING players.. but thats why I asked in RP not as a general suggestion.

I am surprised even the announcement system log got denied. Since you can scroll up to see it UNLESS...
-You relogged for some reason
-The chat got cleared for some reason
-You joined after announcements.

Alert logs aren't terrible either...

The vending machine and secmate one are harder ones.
The HoP one was just cause I saw it being fun for framing but is my least favorite ones.
i actually really like these ideas
You can frame people with fake IDs
Wow necroing,
And Cal I wouldn't know how to get the data to show wich ID is used. Eitherway... I didn't know that.

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