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[MERGED PR] Allow Head of Security to be picked from medium and low priority jobs
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About the PR
This PR just allows a Head of Security to be picked from medium and low priority if you have been chosen as a security officer and have HoS set as medium or low priority.

Also improves some of the commenting and code for the command staff promotion code.

Why's this needed?
This would allow those who are wanting to play as Head of Security but who pick security officer and set HoS as a lower priority to let others play to still be picked as HoS.

(+)A Head of Security can now be picked from medium and low priority job selections.

Fancy that, I was thinking about this not too long ago

What I came to realize is that it's probably for the best that HoSes dont "promote" from security officers the way other roles do. If an MDir promotes from docs, there's not much different they'll be doing that's different from a doc. If a CE or RD promotes, same sort of story. The only other jobs that this doesnt happen for are HoP and Cap, and that makes some sense because there's no real linearity between a base job and those roles, but also because those roles are like, work, man. There's something actually to being HoP or Cap, even if you play them as do-jack-all sorts of roles, you now deal with greater targeting by antags and grifers, and on RP, greater need in-round that you're at least a little somewhat maybe expected to respond to.

Okay, anyways, HoS fits category 2 of those job responsibilities; there's greater stress or perceived stress, greater targeting, and all the added OOC junk one must impart into their sec play (you become responsible for bad behavior from officers and whatnot).
And my sincere and honest observation of the Situation as-is is that there are a Lot of people who will play HoS even when they already dont have their heart really in it, or they're in a grumpy mood or whatnot, that end up doing some bad things or performing poorly in a round because they cant conceive of the potential to, dare I say it, Step Down into the role of a Normal Secoff; so I think this would just promote more uhhhhhh apathetic and poor HoS presence in-round (this is a very noticeable trend on RP, anyways. Classic HoSes are, comparably, very good at Not Playing HoS when they arent ready to, but still playing secoff if they want to sec. Or even assistant).

So to get my thought a little more concisely here, if, for example, someone had antags checked, HoP high, secoff medium, and HoS low, then got outrolled on antag and HoP, they'd end up as HoS even though they might be sort of "meh" on it overall. I think HoS, granted the power the role has, should be something people WANT to play, enthusiastically, not this "we have to have it/I have to play it because I graduated from secoff" sort of role. And auto-promoting people who are sort of middling on whether they do or don't want to be HoS seems like it'll just throw more only semi-willing players into the role when they arent /really/ set on playing as one.
Yeah I was trying to balance between picked HoS's definitely being something the person is wanting to play and something that you want to let others play first but if no one does then you could. There's the option of just keeping it on medium priority too. There's also the thought that if you don't want to play HoS then you can set it on unwanted but that kind of still goes against only playing HoS if you really want to if you put it on a higher priority
yea, no worries. I'm usually super for not making HoS into a sort of ivory tower role, so opening it up for more casual play from people getting promoted into it would be right up there; ive just seen some stuff to give me pause of recent, but hopefully the concept is something that could stick eventually
I don't honestly get it but I see no reason not to do this so go ahead.

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