Complaint Ban was claimed to be lifted, still banned.
I was banned for my inappropriate ckey, themomsexer. Understandable, that's fine, I make an alt account (named RealMinosPrimeUltrakill) and post a ban appeal. Appeal gets accepted and supposedly the ban was lifted. I try to log into the server under the alt, and I'm banned under the alt account. Okay, maybe it takes time to register. I go to sleep and try to log on again the next day; still banned.
This is something you should direct to ban appeals. Not complaints.
Has been cleared up, the post in your appeal would've been sufficient however (just could take some time until the appropriate persons are back to see it) so this thread's unnecessary.
Got it, thanks! Sorry for the trouble.
You're good! For future clarification, unbans should be instant as soon as we get free time to get to them.

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