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[MERGED PR] Makes instruments manufacturable
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About the PR

Makes General Manufacturers capable of printing instruments for the station. Also completely instrument parts for crafting and the code for crafting them. If any admin wants me to, I can delete the trumpet or saxophone from the manufacturer to avoid conflict with the Spacebux purchase menu.

Why's this needed?

For a band of staff assistants to make a symphony of whistles in Medbay. More seriously, to allow more fun gimmicks involving the instruments. Besides, there's hopefully someone that's going to finish the instrument redesign. 👀


(+)Makes General Manufacturers capable of printing instruments.

For context:

I made the PR, I made a similar thread a few months ago and I even made a different PR about the same thing, but after PR hell, it was ultimately closed to fix the mess I had done in the way to getting in the shape of the current PR (it's my first actual PR, btw.) I'm making another thread because ThatFiveGuys made an interesting idea on how to treat this problem: making instruments purchasable from cargo, so I'd like to hear your ideas about this.

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