Felix Azazel's Head of Security App
Usual character name: Felix Azazel
BYOND username: Bigbro175
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Zer0#6595
Recommended by (if applicable):
@Wander (Roger.C Silver .S)
@Shiiba (Apollyon, Lupus)
@Munien (Elijah Retlouc)
Goon servers you play: 3 & 4

Reason for application: 
A head of security has an incredible impact on the round for better or even for worse. There is a lot that can happen in 90 minutes, anything from complete chaos to absolutely nothing. By applying for head of security I hope that I am able to enhance the experience of everyone aboard the station and overall make it the best experience possible for everyone! 

I foresee the next step in our community for myself being HoS, it gives me a chance to expand my knowledge far beyond what I thought I was capable of. And show off the skills I have been working so hard on over my time playing here. Often becoming the de-facto shot-caller when the HoS is absent I think it would be appropriate to make the jump for it and give it a shot. 

A thing I always worry about is the forming of cliques, groups of older members with bonds so strong that not even the most social new employee can struggle to get into. Myself BEING a newer player (in the grand scheme of goon of course) have experienced this and it is awful. A thing I really want to try and do is make SURE everyone feels included. An inclusive head of security can use their access, authority and tools to assure nobody is forgotten about, whether it’s the secass on their first security shift or the first time captain who’s quaking in the corner of the bridge. This community has made strides to combat this of late and I’m really proud to see it. I see these players often being taught how to use their tools, told what to do and what not to do and are then just tossed to the wolves. Sometimes a nice RP talk can go a long way for someone who’s new and confused, give you a social tie to someone you can hold onto when you’re hesitant about playing.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
I have always been a security player. Ever since I passed the 30 day requirement my role on the station is 90% of the time security. That’s what everyone knows me for. Despite only being a part of the community for 4-5 months I think I've become well versed in properly dealing with antags and have made a name for myself. 

I can safely say I have seen and interacted with most of the types of issues that can crop up as security on RP whether it be from an antag to science accidentally releasing man-made hell-abominations across the station. But anyone can shoot stuff, anyone can use tools to beat stuff to death. Where I take pride is my experience de-escalating and talking through problems. 


So, I have something to admit.. I've essentially cornered some of the most common HoS’s that play around my time and asked them what qualities they look for most in someone aspiring to become HoS. I’m not going to namedrop who said what but here’s what everyone has said in order of most common to least common and how I think I do.

These traits include:

Communication - I feel pretty solid here, one of my best traits. Anyone who has played a shift with me probably knows I’m good at this. I always try my best to let everyone know where I am, what I'm doing, my intentions and concerns. This allows my teammates to come up with their own conclusions about situations and how they should be handled. 

Calm and Collected - This one I have mostly down, but it’s still a work in progress. I am fortunate enough to be stable minded enough to not inflict my emotions outward on others, I’d happily take the L and go cryo before I yell at someone IC or OOC. I will admit I’m not perfect, things get to me sometimes and I may play while upset. Besides one or two instances I can think of I can safely say I treat everyone I come across with respect and do not cause arguments or problems IC or OOC. 

Leadership - I sometimes stress about this one as I don’t want to step on any toes but I shotcall the best I can as a peer to my officers. I have a lot of experience with leading teams from other games but I’ll spare everyone my resume

Experience - I outlined this in the topic above, reference that.

Criticism and Improvement - I feel bad for all the poor HoS’s I've cornered and FORCED to tell me my flaws and what they think is important. I take this category very seriously. With every moment I play security I try and reflect on what I have done and what I could have done better. I believe this is my strongest trait. Being a noob I will and have fucked up pretty bad, I try and do my best to not make the same mistake two times back to back! 

Compassion (as in the solid word, everyone alludes to it) - WHY DID ONLY TWO PEOPLE SAY THIS?!?! Literally one of the cornerstones of being a good officer, is understanding that YOU are not the driving force in a round, the fun in the round is going to drop DRASTICALLY if you execute them right off the bat. Giving characters multiple chances allows for antags to try new things and not fear that they missed their chance and got caught. In addition, just being a solid person someone can talk to when they are down is important, leaders that are made of stone are statues.. You can’t talk to statues…  

(A quick aside about this dang application, I dunno what's going on with the bolded bulletpoints beneath this text but OH LORDIE are they getting funky, I'v tried everything to get em fixed and I can't sorry.)

Answer two or more of the following:
  • [b]What advice would you give to other sec players?[/b]
Chill out! You have a lot of power at your fingertips, things are going to get messy and you are going to feel like a total idiot no matter what you do. Having that on the table if you zone out and really look at everything as an unbiased source you can often make the best decision possible at your level of knowledge. Any reasonable person wouldn’t get upset if you were wrong when you thought you knew what was best.

Arresting, brigging and searching aren’t needed for most crimes. More often than not you can talk it out and come to a conclusion without needing to put people in dumb idiot stupid timeout. This is most apparent in situations where two people did something dumb and there isn’t a definitive victem. 
Sometimes people just want to be brigged. Going the whole nine yards to search, interrogate and scold everyone you talk to can be really time consuming. Some antags when they get caught just want to move on, lose their gear and get back to playing. You normally can get a read on people after a while. 

Security aren’t the only people who can solve issues on the station. Watch department has a head who is just as capable of punishing that guy as you are. Checking in with command is an important thing to do, just because the security knows that Gelbrand Buttmuncher got talked to and released after torching their department doesn't mean that Bilbo the RD still wants them around after it. Hell they might not even know it happened!
  • [b]What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one) [/b]
I got three, the first one being.. While I was a detective which kinda isn’t what the question was asking for so too bad! I was taking a little break from security and wanted to play detective for a bit to unwind and get a new angle on security. Wander (Silver Sun) needed to cyro and gave me the chance to step up and show my stuff as HoS for a bit. The experience was really transformative for me, it showed me some issues that I wasn’t aware of and gave me a chance to see how I do with all the pressure on. 

Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away… (when I first started playing secoff) It was like 4 AM so not a whole lotta people were on. I think 15? I was a solo secoff when someone playing as a ling started on their supervillain speeches over the radio. I go and investigate and find out they were doing a cool jigsaw esq gimmick. They ran me around with increasingly harder challenges before kidnapping someone close to my character. We resolved it all through raw RP and it was super fun!

Last one! The security team was FULL FULL without a HoS. It was a mid pop shift so not a whole lot was happening. The captain chose to put together a little simulation together with the AI and a few volunteers. This happened over two shifts but I’m going to talk about them as if it were all in one. The first one was like a game of capture the hat, security needed to try and take a hat from a group of barricaded suspects. That was fun!
The second bit was essentially out of the blue. We were just going about our day before getting a notifacationt that a can-bomb was made. We ran around trying to find it. Once we got to it we found out it was a sim since the HoS and the captain were there. As it turns out… The canbomb theoretically went off before the timer would have allowed it I think?.. We couldn’t defuse it and it wasn’t counting down so we were super confused!

  • [b]What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?[/b]
 This isn’t too creative as many other people bring it up but having the chutes change your status as you are released from the brig would be very nice. A Lot of the sechud statuses aren’t really used since it’s too out of the way to deal with it, like incarcerated. 

Honestly, I think an entire overhaul to the sechud status system would be nice, I can’t go too much in detail but here’s what I’m thinking. 2-3 different markers for what degree of force you should use for a “wanted” person. Something like “POI” or person of interest for people you just want to  talk to without getting arrested. Something for minimal force and something for immediate arrest on sight. This would be beneficial as people are often set to parol just so you can find them WITHOUT having beepsky beat the shit outta them. 

Each level could affect the contraband system differently, some adding more levels then others so that paroled individuals set off beepers more often the regulars do, much like the current system. 


  • [b]Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.[/b]

A thing I would like to point out is that I intentionally avoid playing at high populations since I generally enjoy the game less. 

Operating a solo officer feels more like a horror game if anything, you have a duty to protect and combat threats as they come up but don’t exactly have a support net to deal with setbacks and failures. If command is screwed up and you die and get cloned as a solo officer but can’t recover your gear, say goodbye to being an officer! Now you’re just a staffie on a power trip! 

Jokes aside, you gotta play much more carefully as a single officer, following someone into the wrong area or getting ambushed could mean hell for the rest of everyone on the station.


Playing with a team feels amazing! With the manpower (and firepower ;) ) that you get from having more bodies really makes most tasks feel possible. The challenge comes down to just trying to utilize this advantage. If you are the only officer responding to calls and there is a lack of communication you essentially don’t have a team. 

You don’t have to be as careful because it’s really unlikely that all of you will get taken out at once, you’ll probably have someone who can at least get you back to security to try and recover some gear. More often than not you’ll get your whole body back since the moment your alert goes through everyone will run over to try and help. 

In addition your ability to follow cases through forensics becomes so much easier! Having more people go around and scan doors to find prints and stuff really cuts down on the time. Especially having more then one set of eyes helps incase you possibly missed something.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
A Clown makes a prank.
An Officer makes an arrest.
Who is the real fool?

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
I've always wanted to try and get a team to put on a little parade or try and mimic a drill of some sort. Tossing around tasers and doing flips and stuff as a show, sounds like a crazy fun way to tase yourself. Could get some musicians to make a little drum line or somethin- I dunno! 

Another fun one might be having a camera crew follow security around like an episode of cops or something. It would be pretty entertaining to keep looking at the camera and say some form of witty one-liner after arresting someone. 


A gimmick I have ran was instead of playing like the usual officer I instead got a title change to “executive protector” and tried to walk around and be the personal bodyguard for someone in command. Suit, tie and all! That was really enjoyable, though I had to cut it short because a ling was runnin’ about

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): 
No bans on record!
Vocal, thorough, polite, calm. I dont have any specific moments to bring up because Felix is consistently a dependable and capable member of the team that doesnt shy away from trying to lead.

I can't stay anything but positive things for Felix. I might be biased considering how well I know him and how long I've spent playing with him but regardless, this is an absolute +1
I've seen Felix on security several times, both as crew and sec myself, and it's always good to see them.
He is friendly, communicative, calm, usually trying to de-escalate the situation and generally a good officer. As good as he is already, he is always seeking improvement and seeking feedback, and actually acting on it, which is great.
The only thing I have to say is that you sometimes you should pay a bit more attention to callouts on the radio, but don't we all.

Absolute +1
Always going for improvement and asking for anything he can do better as security. Always fun to RP with, can't recommend them enough, +1
Very good communicator, works quick and effectively and when I'm HoS, felix is often the first one to respond to a call or offer help when I'm busy. Friendly, kind, and an all around good officer. I've seen them grow to be a very competent officer from their early times in security, and even as a civilian I've felt confident having them be in security for that round.

More than a few times I've seen them take a leading role where other officers are newer, or things are hectic and there is no HoS - including times where I've latejoined as HoS.
They also did very well in a little trial run I held with them, though it was a quiet shift so I didn't get to see much.
Felix also has approached me and others regularly to ask for advice, and has a genuine desire to improve and be better, and takes any criticisms on board with a great attitude.

The only thing I could suggest working towards improving would be to keep active on the radio a lot, and also delegation. Keeping up with 3 radio channels can get overwhelming especially when you're busy with multiple cases, and when people from all departments often seek to speak to a HoS personally. Don't feel afraid to ask other officers to take things off your plate while you deal with a command crisis, for example.

Anyway, solid +1 from me.
Felix approached me IC after a bit of time of being gone, had apologized for any possible bad behavior they may have exhibited in the past and said they wanted to move forward as a better SecOff and maybe apply for HoS sometime. I really appreciated that he owned up to any past mistakes and apologized for them (even if I couldn't remember anything negative from the past).

Since that interaction, I've seen nothing but a lovely player. I know when I see him on security, I'll have someone there who can handle issues on their own or respond to calls and be respectful towards players, antag or not. Definitely took a chance to step up and help out when needed, which is nice when security is especially busy handling call after call or a very loud antag.

A very big +1 for sure.
I probably could not express in under 1000 words how much I stand by my recommendation, but I'll try.

I've worked many shifts with Felix and seen them improve over that course of time into someone entirely deserving of the beret.
They've always been fair to antagonists in regard to their punishments and their chances to do something great with their gimmick or rp.
When working with others I've seen them consistently show great skill in guiding others whether new players or experienced as well as a good grasp on mediation and delegation.
I've seen them take the initiative to train new members of security and do so in a manner I've always thought improved the round for them and gave the new recruit a great intro to the department and how to have fun in it.
When dealing with the crew I've never seen them be dismissive, they always maintain a polite and welcoming attitude which extends to anyone they talk to, not just those they're comfortable with.
When they do get overwhelmed or are not in the best mindset for playing security, I've never seen them push themselves into refusing to cryo or pushing themselves to play "for the application" or out of some feeling of obligation to their team.

There is also their desire to improve which I think is their greatest strength. The very few times I've seen them make any mistake or fall into a bad habit they've always not been defensive or flippant after hearing any advice and take it to heart. I think this is one of the most important aspects of a command position since you can't always make the best rulings on things so it's good to listen to your team and others to help educate your decisions and playstyle.

Overall, I'd give this one a +2 if I could but the slider only goes to +1 so I can only raise it that high for someone I'd have no qualms with getting the beret.
Until I manage to find a crowbar...
I mean I can give a Plus one to make wanders a +2 by sacrificing my own if a superior officer told me.

Actual review. Felix is a consistent officer. They did not stand out to me much as an antag, but that is good, because the secoffs I remember as an antag are more often ones whom I felt acted in bad faith then good ones, since the good ones are just part of the story.

As a fellow officer Felix instinctively lets me do the harsh by the book while they try to play the more understanding one. Or when times are tough, I know they can be reliable. When it's a combat situation Felix can give or take advice depending on who or what is speaking, and in general punishment, Felix falls in line with what I would expect.

In character I know our you rub against my characters particular ethos on order, but I love that you clearly oocly understand that when I do that it's an act to just give us the scary legitimacy air.

As said before, 1/2 of a +2/
I know I'm a nobody and Felix already has three very, very reputable recommendations under his belt, but I felt like I should say some things as an "under the radar" security main who has played with Felix for a while.

Felix is very communicative and calm in the more dire of situations. I can rely on him as a Security Officer in most situations, and although I will admit that I have not RP'd with them as much as I want to, I work alongside Felix very frequently as a fellow security main, and I can confirm he is a very understanding officer, and is a true asset when it comes to interrogating a suspect or de-escalating a standoff. He allows me to do my job as a Detective in forensic analytics and investigations, and is always willing to offer backup when requested. He is aware of boundaries and is rarely ever overbearing in his security duties, which is a huge deal.

I was actually the Detective during that Canister Bomb drill round, and I believe that moment is exemplary in showing how capable Felix is as an officer. The bomb was locked behind a welded and bolted door in science. Despite having a full team, it was only Felix and I who took the initiative to defuse. It took us under 2 minutes to reach and "defuse" the bomb thanks to Felix's attentiveness and willingness to work together.

I strongly believe Felix would make for a great example of a model officer. Quick, concise, and well-aware of dire situations at-hand, I would love to see Felix with the beret and lead on Security by example.

Firm +1 from me.
From what I recall they got a chill vibe and a lot of the qualities that make a good HoS. Good on coms, understanding of the power sec holds in the shutdown potential of overall RP, leads by example. A good role model for aspiring secoffs.
I've played a decent number of rounds with Felix and I have nothing but good things to say. Felix communicates well, is great at de-escalating conflict among crew, and knows well the balance of being tougher or more lenient depending on the situation. A great thing I've also noticed is Felix enables RP with everyone easily during calmer times...the first time I met them, they carried on an extended convo with me just taking an interest in Cain's history and backstory.

On a very recent round, as HoS, I was taken out of the picture rather quickly, and Felix stepped into a leadership role and did quite well  in directing the team and trying to resolve the very chaotic situation the station found itself in. They were patient, communicative, and resourceful in their efforts, and from my vantage point, continued to take the flow of the round into account as they attempted to resolve things. I believe only good things and memorable rounds will come of them having the beret. Strong +1 from me.
As someone who has both played as security with Felix and as an antag against. Easily one of the best officers I've seen in recent times. active on the radio, great at stepping up when security is complete chaos and reigning things in, wonderful with antags, not shutting them down but also still being a roadblock to a very active antag. I personally cant recall any bad experiences with Felix, and there is no one I think is more deserving of HoS. solid +1.
A good officer all around, definetly up for the beret. Most of my interactions with 'em have been great and positive, so a +1 from me.

yeh. smile
I've worked with felix a LOT in my career as a sec main, in fact we started around the same time, so they've been a regular face for me since the start. Felix is always a good, dependable officer, active on comms, ready to jump to when assistance is needed, and willing to rake a step back and think/reorient when necessary.

An absolute +1 from me.

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