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[MERGED PR] Severely reduces brute/burn healing from cryox, increases healing from...
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About the PR
This pr reduces the brute and burn healing from cryox from 12 to 2. Cryoxadone now has a 50% chance of reducing lose breath however and now reduces the chance of death the same amount as synaptropine (does not stack). This also removes the heating up from cryoxadone as it shouldnt be needed anymore.

Why's this needed?
I am personally of the take that generally, ignoring doctors should not be faster and/or easier then going back into medbay and doing it yourself. Not only is cryo insanely easy to access, its also far faster, with some of the highest healing rates in game. This shifts the niche of cryo from a all around amazing healer to something that youll want to use as a stopgap for patients to buy time to heal them. Oh also semi nerfs cryopills but those arent used that much anymore so. This mostly just makes cryo pills less of a mid combat rapid healer and more of a simple and reliable slow healer at the cost of less mobility for things like azones.


(u)Ikea, tarmunora
(*)Cryoxadone brute/burn healing has been reduced from 12 to 2, oxy healing also reduced to 2, however it now can combat losebreath, counters radiation, and provides some protection from random death rolls in crit while in effect. Cryoxadone will no longer work when body temp is below -240C or so

Just to give people a better sense of current and proposed healing, omnizines brute and burn healing is equal to 2, and omegazines brute/burn healing is 10, less then current cryox healing.
just make the cryotubes require md/cmo/etc access to operate like the genetic consoles. with this it just seems like you're treating a symptom and not the overall issue. people can still barrel past doctors and get into the pharmacy to hastily make themselves chems to treat themselves with, get behind the bar, or loot the medical outpost. all of these involve bypassing doctors.
I think my biggest concern is that for new players, easy med is good. just from a new player perspective, stuff like cloning and cryo are critical to the learning curve of the game before people can tackle things in more advanced ways.

otherwise I'm in the middle on this; I've accepted docs on main are gonna get their toes stepped on when everyone is dying always. Cryopill nerf side effect is kind of cool, though. And i mostly agree cryox doesnt need such a high heal rate when viewed against comparable chems of similar difficulty to make. especially since you start with two to five beakers of the stuff.

curious for more experienced chem players' opinions
The current problem with the cryo tube is that they defeat the entire point of the health system of the game. Why do we have 4 types of damages + various types of organ damages when there is an easily accessible machine that simply heal everything at once and very efficiently ?

The cryo tubes should remain a powerfull tool to stabilize patients in critical condition. But not the fast and easy way to fix basic brute and burn booboos. Thats what mini meds and menders are for.
I always considered Cryotubes the "safest and easiest" way of fixing someone up.
...Well Minus organ damage and possible chems and diseases going through their body.

Really wish we get to tackle diseases again.

Anyhow.... I see menders/injections as a faster way of doing so.

Cryo doesn't OUTRIGHT replace good ole mending for several reasons.
For one mending can be done anywhere, Cryo is medbay ONLY.

Infact Hyposprays sorta replace regular syringes unless you need a blood sample.

So what do I think of this nerf? It's fine. Cryo being slightly slower is 100% fine.
If anything buffing charcoal abit would be great.
I think this is a cryo-pill nerf. And well justified.

In medbay, cryo tubes are used mostly for poison victims anyway (and tiders), so i think making cryxo the end-all of poison is completely fine.

I'm not really a fan of adding the synaptizine/atropine combo effect to cryxo. I would consider this a buff cryxo simply doesn't need. I can see it healing oxy damage be fine, though.

Make it the main stabilizing mechanism for poison victims would be the best route. But i think atropine and synaptizine are underutilized abyway, so i don't think cryxo should mimic the combo of these two chems.
Upon further consideration, changed how cryopills work. Cryoxadone will now always heat up, however ice cubes (and cryostalone to a far lesser extent) will now always cool you down. What this means is if youre outside of an ice cube or cold cryo tube without external cooling you get roughly 25-33% as much healing as youd get if you were in one. This means that not only are cryopills basically useless mid combat because the aggressor can just break the ice cube and nullify your healing, this also means that using cryopills on other people means that you cant add additonal meds on them due to them being in an ice cube. This gives using cryopills a strong opportunity cost compared to other medchems due to needing to be immobile to heal a non negligible amount and not being able to get external healing however getting far increased survivability.

tldr: Cryopills are now basically temporary breakable cryotubes with the cryotube being the ice cube.

This also has the side effect of making cryopills now require more cryox and cryostylane if you want to heal for a long period of time. To heal for the max duration that an ice cube can be present you need roughly 20 cryostylane and 25 cryox
Didn't the reduction to 2 brute/burn made cryopills useless in combat encounters anyway? Because synthflesh got a healing rate of 2 brute/burn as well and would have been superior in combat situations.
Synthflesh is touch only, meaning you have to mess around with using a beaker. The main reason for the change is that this make cryox intentionally really good in deep crit and makes it basically impossible for you to die, if cryox didnt heat you up it just seems really tedious for antags trying to deal with someone who just popped a cryopill trying to kill them with the oxy healing and reduced death chance.
Considering it's cryo, I always thought there should be more of a downside.  Chance to put you to sleep, stun, etc. since you really shouldn't be awake would make sense.  But considering how high the heal is, a nerf seems applicable.  Plus I'd rather not see cryo as an easy antag tool since it's not hard to whip up.
The changes and later tweaks seem pretty fair.

New doctors or overwhelmed medbay's use the tube as a crutch so if it stills helps overall then it's not the most unreasonable nerf especially if it's focus is cryox pills since they are pretty easy to make.
(08-30-2022, 11:23 AM)Ikea Wrote: Synthflesh is touch only, meaning you have to mess around with using a beaker.

Yeah, that's fair. I forgot synthflesh got a cap on per application as well. Considering this the changes make sense and i think are fair. Peopke are overusing cryo anyway.
Good changes. People are forgeting about automenders that you can use synthflesh in. Also makes omnizine more important again, hope to see more medbays setting up weed patches with white weed to make a shitton of omnizine with.
My issue is that a lot of the time newer doctors will just throw people in the cryo tubes and let them do the work, sometimes ignoring things like heart attacks and such. So making them more of a tool to keep the subject alive while you collect meds would be a nice change

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