Bob Guy Mentor Application 2: The Sequel
Quote: I refuse to let you die in this medbay
Usual character name: Bob Guy
BYOND username: Reaper90202
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Craftsdwarf#1160
Recommended by (if applicable): Me Myself and I
Goon servers you play: Bombini, occasionally Heisenbee

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): 
Hello and welcome to the SEQUEL of my mentor app! So, here’s what’s up. I like showing people stuff ‘n teaching them how to play the game, but staying in the realm of exploration. So mentor seems like a good step up from tool-less teaching! Great things I can use to help people learn stuff as a mentor, like mentorhelp and mouse.

So, onto my experience. I’ve been playing pretty actively for just around half a year now, and i’m also a relatively experienced HoS. Here’s roughly how many months i have of most departments
1+ month, knowledgable in surgery and saving lives.
4+ months, accomplished HoS and baton-bearer. I try my best to teach both my team, the crew, AND the antags i catch (usually telling them how they can get better when i can)
1+ month, skilled in mechanics, less knowledgeable in engine and such. HaVe played QM before, and know a really small amount of DWAINE
2+ months, all sectors. Toxin bomber, confirmed chem-nerd, and azone adventurer.
I forget exactly how many months, but botany was my LIFEBLOOD starting ss13. I am a splice-master and can tend to plants with great efficiency and have a good grasp of its deeper mechanics
This one i’ve been playing alot recently. Once again, i don’t know how much, but i’ve learned alot of things in my time. I’m pretty good at things like chem donuts in particular, and i have a lunchbox chef gimmick where i pack very high-effort lunchboxes with food for people (takes around 10-20 minutes per box, but i’m sure i can lower that with practice)

So, that’s my experience! I really just wanna show people cool stuff about the game and try to be a good influence on the community. I’m not a very excellent writer, so i don’t have alot more to type, so… Bye!  space bear

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

Unfortunately I havn’t earned the “Banned” medal yet
+1 :beePog:
+1 Very experienced builder, me, him and other people build a big station once that had a functioning comms console, medbay, and a bar. From my experience, he is a great hos and very good at making chems!  He seems like he would be a good mentor.  bee
+1, Anytime I don't know something I usually come to him, as the person above me said they once built an entire station so I wouldn't be surprised if they knew 20x more then me.. Anyways, They're friendly and would be a great mentor! I don't know how to add the funny looking bee so just imagine one here.
1+ Bombini needs its stronk HoS to go purple and become even stinkier. Friendly face in goon 2 and will bring upon peace!
well bob is friendly as heck and goon 2 could always use more mentors and HOSes so yea i think he has potential to be a purple nerd
+1 stinky
Hey, I've seen you in medical a couple times on the Heisenbee a couple times, and from my experiences you've been nothing but nice and have a somewhat bubbly character that everyone loves! You have quite the experience in different departments on Goon, hopefully the next time I see you your name will be purple!

Cheers, +1
Norm AlMann, Syndicate Janitor, here. Bob knows what he's doing. He's always friendly and think that my only problem with him is that he isn't around *more*. Goon 2 doesn't really have anyone to care for it and I typically just go around helping people I see in need when I can. I always see him helping out when people need it and it makes me smile to see his username after clicking the "WHO" command. Very respectable person and a knowledgeable player with a high (triple digit) play time.

Definitely a +1. Haven't been around for a while, but from what I have seen of Bob before they are certainly well suited to scurry around as a little purple mouse. Amazing at botany, constantly helping new players in that area, and also a great security officer and HoS, which is very very rare on goon2. I've seen them messing with chems before so I know they are knowledgeable in that area as well. All in all a great candidate for a mentor position.
Aye, as already stated in the prequel, Bob is one amazing Guy.
Part from his wide knowledge about the game, I had my best Nukie round with him as HoS as well.
We decided to call Security from the Battle Cruiser and make a deal with the Crew. Basically went in, dropped our highly deadly stuff in a crate which was taken by him and started cooking in the kitchen. After half an hour or so our stuff was returned and the nukie action continued. I mean we still failed after the fight but it was probably the most interesting antag round, thanks to Bob.
Long story short, very based dude, can be trusted, likes to help in anyway possible and knowns his stuff.
+1 He knows his stuff and is willing to help anyone he comes across. Also I felt like I was reading a rainbow.
+1  Jones the cat
Hesitant yes. You are a friendly face and really knowledgeable, but sometimes you can get a bit uptight when you get stressed. I would say just take it easy and remember to relax. I do think you would make a good mentor!
Chem list thief, Bold move for a pro baton barer.
Friendly and knowledgeable  +1
i think all i can say about bob is 8.5/10, bleeds a bit much, would operate on again.

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