Hans Mentor app
Usual character name: Hans Mann, Pedro Mann, Sandro Mann, Mannequin
BYOND username: colossusqw
Discord username (if you are on our discord): colossusqw#3116
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Morty and Sylvester

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing goonstation since 2020, and never before has a game pulled me in as much as SS13 has. Since i started playing goon i have just short of two thousand hours on the RP servers.  In that time, i've had lots of experience in many of the roles, from assistant, to scientist, captain, security... I enjoy the social aspect of the game, and the ambient created by the roleplay servers, where making a good story and making sure everyone is having their fun with the varied social situations takes priority. I try to be fair with everyone as antagonist, and bring something interesting to the role(theatrics are fun), and try to give the antagonists the opportunities they might need to make a good story. As security, i attempt to not end anyone's round unless it makes sense for the round, and as regular crew, i do what i can to make something interesting without getting in the way of anything serious. My most played department is most likely science, and i've showed many a new chemist how everything works, besides making some chem contributions myself.
I do believe i would be able to contribute as a mentor, both with responding to questions and helping out new players, and with helping maintain the standard expected of the role.
I understand that mentor is a role that requires you to keep up a standard of behavior, and that there is a weight that comes with it, but with how good this community has been, i would gladly try to help out where i can. I've never been this interested in any game or community before, and i can think of few examples of me trying to code content i wanted to see in any game but this. Whichever way this goes, you people are fantastic.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

I've gotten i believe a three day ban back in 2020 and a day ban in mid 2021

Hans is very knowledgeable not only in the mechanics of the game but also in ideas to make the round fun for everyone he interreacts with. Admittedly, for a while I'd assumed that he already was a mentor based on how much he knows and how happy and willing he is to share it with others. I'm always happy to see his characters in game and I'd love to see him become a mentor.
Absolutely would like hans as a mentor, they're very helpful on discord and in-game even now without the tools mentors get, those tools would just improve their options for helping others more. Very knowledgable about chemicals and a gem of a person to play with and work on projects.
Colossus knows a lot about the game, is very fun to interact with, he roleplays very well... I have seen he play just about all departments, well-acknowledged about mechanics and I feel like he being a mentor would only benefit the Goonstation community. Hope to see him in the (stinky c:<) purple color!
Hans never fails to make a round a little more interesting. I also have never seen them fail to weigh in or offer advice or assistance cheerily if it is a topic that they are familliar with. +1.
Hans has come a long way over the past year from how he used to be, hes definitely been great at his RP and is very knowledgeable about the mechanics of the game. that combined with his knowledge of the code base and adding to the game is enough for me to give him a +1
Colossus has been consistently good in including people in his gimmicks and in interacting with other crew, particularly those who are milling about waiting for something to happen. They are very knowledgeable about the game, particularly with chemistry, and are very good about sharing that knowledge. Personally, almost every interaction I have had with a colossus character has been an overall positive experience. I give them my full endorsement.
Hans has been a constant positive member of the community. He is very knowledgable about game mechanics. His gimmicks as antag are always very interesting and inclusive. The characters he plays are a good example of the kind of RP I want to see more of, and his contribution to the game lately has been very impressive (tough deadly 😂)
If I were to describe Hans in one word, it would be that he is inclusive. I think the best way to convey this is through a story!

I can vividly recall a round where Hans was setting up a vending machine to sell various chems to people for profit as an odd way to retaliate against to someone RPing that Research funds were being embezzled by Medbay. I expressed my intrigue on the idea as a fellow scientist, and Hans roped me into his scheme in a heartbeat. He explained how he was actually controlling the supply and demand of the station, all while explaining the effects of the chemicals he made to teaching me how to make and add things to the vending machine.

We ended up as business partners, with the both of us selling the chems together. Hans even proposed that we split the profits (I was actually willing to do it for free). He even credited me for the chems that I sold when people inquired about them on the radio! I think it's important to note - I never met Hans prior to this interaction. We were complete strangers to one another and he generously extended a hand to RP with me without hesitation.

I can recall many more instances like this, but the long and short of it is that Hans is nothing if not a friendly and inclusive member of this community with a wide array of knowledge just ready to impart to anyone willing to learn and listen.

I think purple would be a very fitting color for him : )

I have not played RP in like a year now and still associate this guy with inclusivity and helping me learn some stuff. +1, this guy helped teach me some fundamentals way back.
Hans is an incredibly kind and fun person in-game and on the discord. They have a huge knowledge of the game (especially when it comes to all things chem) and are always happy to share that knowledge with anyone in a friendly and polite manner. Incredibly inclusive in all interactions and a friendly face for new and old players alike, would be a pleasure to see them join the mentor team.
I thought I had commented on this one! Hans has displayed a great knowledge in all departments I've seen them play in, and is always welcoming to share knowledge from what I've seen. The strongest trait I've seen is what SirSwagmeyer mentioned. I won't go into too much detail since it's been covered, but welcoming and inclusive are perfect words to describe Hans. They will include any and all in wonderful RP, and I've seen them helping and being patient with those new to the station, or new to RP.

+1 from me! Looking forward to having you insult my hat, (in the fun way you always do!) so I can fire back about your shirt!

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