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Does dying in game make you upset?
for me as long as its funny i dont care

If i die slowly due to overestimating how long i could space walk for example that sucks. or like if its 5-10 minutes into an antag round for the same reasons. fuck that
Usually yes, I think, because when I log on for a round I want to play the round to the end.
But I play on the rp server and I am not a risk taker, so it rarely ever happens. What most annoys me is when I get killed by something like a changeling sting, vampire combo, sleepypen without it feeling like I had any way to avoid it without breaking character.
Thankfully that is quite uncommon, but when it does happen it does make me a bit grumpy if there were other things I wanted to do that round.
I have had moments when I died I got annoyed since it wasn't funny or fun.

Imagine walking around then bam Sarin gas hits you and you die...
That's not fun.

But what is fun, if I had a fun interaction and then I die when I trip over a bananapeel and get mass drivered out of the station. Can't get angry at that since I had an interaction. But non interaction deaths...Meh.
Generally no, also an rp player though so there is at least supposed to be a bit of build up in dialogue and or escalation of violence. I might get a bit salty of course if it is some jerk making bombs, and just teleporting them around the station, detonating without so much as an ultimatum to the station over the radio as to their intent. That tends to sort itself out pretty quick when the ahelps start flying.

What bugs me more is when people don't attempt to clone you when your body is sitting in medbay for minutes while the medical staff is doing god knows what over in the chem lab area instead of just popping me in the cloner and starting the damn thing. Or even worse the roboticist decides hey this perfectly good non puritan body is the ideal candidate to put his brain in a borg. Yes I get it some rounds you don't get a lot of people lining up to be borgs but god damn wait until the body rots so there is at least an excuse to do it.
Honestly, if i would be generally upset when i die, i would decide to not play ss13.

Death being a real consequence and the fact that there is no plot armor is part of the appeal of the game. And the consequence is that i of course die and it's out of my control when i want to stay IC. But i am the kind of guy who gleefull downs a whole glass of radium/unstable mutagen while wearing spectroscopic googles or follows the very obvious ling caplain. Or laugh when i run right into an random azobe crusher someone just took out of maints to bring to safety.

My only gripe is when i die multiple times for the same reason. Like i'm not really upset, but it gets boring and becomes annoying.
i usually just get pissed by dying to game bugs or lag but generally i just see it as a game over better luck next time!
As a clown main I get offended anytime I finish a round at centcomm and not floating face-down in the pool.

That said, I'm not too fond of being silently murderboned. At least dress it up a little, nerds.
Not really, respawns and cloning exist.

Few times i've gotten upset were when i felt like i was done an injustice (imediate execution on RP without warranting it, irate captain killswitching me as AI to name two.)
Dying doesn't really bother me, in itself, 99% of the time. It's just part of the game. I try to avoid it, but sometimes, it gets you.

What does make me quiver silently with rage is when people don't do their jobs around death.
When you've done nothing execution worthy, but sec ignore you begging for healing as you go into crit and die, while cuffed.
Or when you're murdered directly next to a SecOff and they do nothing.
When doctors throw you in the trash instead of cloning you. Or ignore you and let you rot because they're busy with their pet project making Monkey-with-saw-arms#52332.

That sort of thing.
I try my best to help people. I'm one of those folks hunting for people who get lost or ejected, or whatever. Or always dragging people to medbay and making sure someone is seeing to them, or cloning them.
And when none of that is paid back, and nobody cares? That's what hurts.
If I die in a dumb way at round start I just feel embarrassed. Arrested by mall beebsky in space and forgot internals for example was one of my most embarrassing deaths.

If it's a no RP death and I was having fun prior to randomly being killed, then annoyed.

If someone silently ling stings to try and kill me in under 5 minutes of starting a round that does upset me a fair bit.

Otherwise I don't mind dying or nearly dying. I have round perma conditions on my character to keep her dead in certain situations. On RP you get to watch soap operas as a ghost which can be very entertaining.
Depends. Dying to a radstorm or accidentally walking into an airlock pisses me off to no end. But dying to another player is usually fine because of how ridiculous SS13 is.
As long as the death has some build up im pretty okay with it, like dying while fighting nukies/revs/etc, but if im suddenly killed by a ttv or micro spam i get pretty annoyed
Eh, depends on the cause.

Usually it's something really stupid that's patched immediately after I die.
(Example: Getting gibbed by going through a portal as a nukie, then getting shot by my own team when I'm respawned as a gunbot by admins)

But rarely it's something I'm actually proud of, or something so well roleplayed it brings a tear to my eye.

Of course, all of this is in the past, as I'm not likely to get unbanned, but I'm still here.
Kinda? I'm just here to have a good time.

If the murder is lame; Some rando walking up and instantly shooting me with an egun, that ruins my vibe.

If they say "Die Evildoer" then totally murder me, sure why not?

I just like all my deaths to have a fitting narrative arc.

If I die to my own stupidity or anything environmental it's a big funny
Yeah. This game activates my senses in a way no other game can really, it's unique and can be really stressful and frustrating when you're already packed with mood problems. I try my best not to take it out on others.

Usually as antags, or if I'm overstimulated or otherwise picked a bad time to play. I've gotten to the point where security doesn't usually faze me thankfully, but I pick some real bad times to play every now and again, sometimes you just get the perfect storm too.

I take antag losses pretty hard. It's been miring my enjoyment of them recently, I love being the antagonist but losing whether to bad play on my part on classic or someone not roleplaying on RP really gets to me.

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