The HoS application of Chad Gears
Usual character name: Chad Gears
BYOND username: Hydrochloric
Discord username: Chief#4183
Recommended by: Tavish Finnegan (LuckyCobra)
Goon servers you play: Heisenbee

Reason for application: Playing as a security main for a long-ish time now, it's become clear just how much a security team can be improved by a leadership figure. While this isn't impossible to achieve as a normal secoff by giving your opinion and guiding those who might be newer in the team, this is obviously a role which is much better catered to by the Head of Security. I commonly find myself in situations where I wish there was a Head of Security to do one of many things, whether it be leading the team, having higher legitimacy (or at least perceived legitimacy) to make important decisions, having more capabilities to ensure security such as access and more. I think I would be able to fulfil this role despite previously doubting myself until now.

Security experience (300 word minimum): I don't know exactly how long I've been playing goon, but it's certainly been well over 2 years, if not 3. Security is undoubtedly my favourite job overall, and this is reflected in frequent periods of mainly playing as a security officer over the course of my time playing ss13, and due to this I have accumulated a vast range of experience over a long time with all sorts of situations, which I would like to think covers pretty much every base for things one may encounter as a security officer. I consider myself pretty good at the game by now, and have enough knowledge and judgement to deal with most situations to find the best outcome. My stance on both antagonists and normal crew boils down to the principle that other players are people trying to enjoy their day too, however that being said I wouldn't consider myself as 'soft' on antagonists, rather trying to find the correct balance between different courses of action which could be taken. Playing for longer and longer as security has definitely helped shape my actions and case-by-case judgements to become hopefully better for everyone involved. My treatment of antagonists heavily depends on context, so as you could imagine an arcfiend who drained an APC in maint in the 5th minute might receive a lighter sentence than a rampager who has wiped half the station; on this point I do also want to let antags have fun, especially when doing gimmicks. I think being light-hearted and not too stoic/militaristic is important for a HoS. Another important quality I think I can meet is helping new security. If I see an officer who might be newer to the game struggling to understand things, or treating people wrongly. This is not something I'd usually ignore to help them with, unless I'm literally being chased by a shambler or something. I'd like to think people would recognise and be able to trust me around the station since I've been pretty active recently (if this is something you consider important). It's nice to know a few people, but I wouldn't let this become any sort of favouritism. That's about all I can say really, hopefully I haven't missed anything.

What advice would you give to other sec players? My main piece of advice is to treat everyone on the server how you'd want to be treated in their position. This sounds super generic, I know, however despite being such a simple thing it's quite hard to do in practice, especially when factoring in other people who might be affected. I'm not saying I'm perfect at this either, there's always room for improvement when understanding other perspectives and trying to find the best compromise should one be needed, however being aware that it's a real person on the other end goes a long way in this game, especially security.

What was one of your favourite security moments? One of my favourite rounds playing as security to date was an action mixed round with a gang of werewolves. This was a relatively low-pop at the time, and I was the only security officer left by the 30th minute. This werewolf posse had obtained things like AA, guns, stuns and more. I attempted many times to kill even one of them, but they were repeatedly too much for me and killed me 3 times, and every time my dead body somehow made it to cloning without being gibbed, spaced hidden, or more. By the time shuttle was coming I was reduced from my once-respectable security officer look to a babbling naked man with absolutely no belongings left due to looting. Still, I managed to find the strength to somehow space all of them on the shuttle amidst the chaos with the help of other angry crew members and crawled my way out to centcom with my limbs, possessions and dignity left behind on the bloody mess which was the station. I think I liked this shift so much because at so many times I thought I was a goner, only to return from each time being owned with less to lose.

Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13
My haiku: 'the plight of security on main'
tiders everywhere
blood and lube on every tile
shift time: 4 minutes

Draw a picture!
'Beepsky's upgrade'
[Image: beepskupgrade.PNG]

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
Very early on in my time playing when I had just learned about explosives I was banned for a week for holding a beaker of nitroglycerin in my hand in retaliation to some dude who kept shoving me, so that when he shoved me again we would both blow up. I also suicide bombed a werewolf and caught a secoff in crossfire very close to that incident, which gave me a day. I also had a half hour ban (I think it was that long) for uploading too many AI laws. These were all very much towards the start and I like to think I’ve learned a lot about the rules and more since then. I haven't been banned since.
i seen chad multiple times as sec by now and everytime i hos chad is a secoff i can count for dealing with stuff and keep thing fair for everyone he also shows leader ship from time to time and is not afraid of saying his opinion if he find a punishment may be too much,
chad has proven to me that he is hos material and can deal with the responsability of it.

with that said i see no reason why chad would be a bad hos in any way and i personally think he could be a really cool HOS to play with either as antag or secoff
so yes i think chad deserves the beret and big boots +1 to this smelly nerd
Chad is a great secoff I can rely on, fair with antags and is just amazing overall. He's one of the people I'm happy to see on security team and for sure will be a good HoS.
if I knew that you were applying I would let you know to put me on as recommended stinker!!
Honestly I can't really say anything that's already been said, Chad is a very good all around secoff and I can't think of any reason to not give him the big boy boots. +1
I've played on a lot of shifts with Chad as sec and he an excellent secoff. It's a pleasure to see him on the team as he knows how to handle antags and you can be sure you can rely on him to help. Give him the stinky beret. +1
+1 Always great to see Chad on the sec team
+1 reliable and nice to have around. also i keep confusing you with duke somehow so you might as well be HoS too.
yea theyre cool +1.
Real long time sec player, knows his stuff, robust +1
Chad's been around for as long as I can remember, and he's always a pleasure to have on the security team. He's fair on both the crew and antagonists, very experienced, and definitely shows great leadership already
Chad deserves to stink, +1
I see a distinct Lack of Cow on this Hos application. However despite this massive blunder I'm willing to overlook it due to Chad's excellent Security performance. They good sec, Fun to play against as a antag and along side as a fellow security. It would be nice seeing Chad get hos.

Plus if Chad gets hos maybe his Antag luck will go down, he gets it too often frown

In conclusion, Chad Very Good security, Good dealing with antags, both physically and in deciding their Fate. Very fair and again Overall is just a great person to see on, Makes the rounds that much better when your on, and although it might make my life harder as a antag, I'm willing to see you become hos.

+1, add cow to applications in future please! fat and sassy space-bee
Chad is already as stinky as an HoS player which is good >:c.... +1
Stinky chad...
See him all the time and hes always a good secoff and never abuses his power +1
+1 Chad's lenient and intelligent and he's always one of the first I see on the ground when a crisis strikes.
Chad's cool and dependable +1

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