NotDucc (Ted Baphomet) Mentor Application
Usual character name: Ted Baphomet
BYOND username: NotDucc
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Ducc#7981
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: RP (3 & 4)

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

Hi! Been around Goon servers since July of 2020 and joined the discord around December that year. I have played other codebases, though I’ve honestly enjoyed Goon’s community the most. Made multiple friends from this codebase alone and I’ve gotten along with most of the people on the servers and discord server.

When I first started playing, I was a QM with barely any grasp over the controls, only slowly learning them all over that first week I was playing. It was an incredibly fun experience, even if I barely understood anything at the time, and it only got better as I learned how to do more silly things. Hell, to this day I still learn little things that I never knew how to do. As an example, it took me a great amount of time to learn how to use some of the more basic packet functions, and there are still some things I’m learning about them. I also certainly didn’t figure out all of the things I have on my own. I remember asking tons of questions over even incredibly simple things, such as asking people “how that other QM just pulled that crate behind themself” when I was first starting out.

As far as experience goes, I’m confident that I could explain how to do every role relatively easily. I know medical and botany the most by a long shot, but I’ve still had enough experience in other job roles to be able to answer most questions related to them. I’ve played or been part of every antag role, mostly favoring traitor for its flexibility in creating gimmicks that can be fun, along with Arc Fiend also being a generally fun “monster” role.

Overall, I feel like being a mentor would allow me to be more helpful for players in the round. I enjoy helping others as I know I’ve been in that spot, and I have stopped what I was doing to help newer players who ask for help in mainly botany or medbay multiple times to help them get better at whichever job I’m assisting with. I’m hoping to expand that a bit further by being able to answer questions people may have a lot more easily as a mentor.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
duccs one of the first people i really became good friends with in goon, and I think he'd make a great mentor! super patient and kind, and i often see him teaching other players combat on nearly all his staffie rounds. he, along with shiiba, even guided me through my first ever azones forever ago
I've seen Ducc around in goon for a long time, and they've always been kind, approachable, and friendly both in-game and in the discord. I've seen them help people in botany the most, but also seen them in many areas often helping people or teaching in all areas.
Always willing to include people in a gimmick or rp, and just a generally fun person to be around! Would be happy seeing them in the mentor team +1
not saying you're mean, but I havent really seen you go out of your way to teach or include people. every time I've been in botany with you, it's been utterly silent and there's not been a lot of opportunity to work together on things. I mostly only see you interacting with the same handful of players round-to-round, to the point that you are inseparable from them and being carried around and cant really be stopped to chat or asked for help. sometimes this influences antagonist rounds too; I dont think teaming up as antags is a bad thing but i think being the consistent mindslave choice for some people or working with your friends who are antags every time you both roll it is a little much.

just from my experiences this is like a light -1, -.5 if you will. my concerns are mostly about how meta info is being used but maybe more importantly who has gotten to use it with you in the past. not seeing much outside your bubble is just something I've noticed but not a really deciding factor for me here.
Honestly, as someone who is not usually in close contact with you inround but IS a bit closer to your general circle, I find myself agreeing with Nef a bit. The few times I have tried to specifically strike up an interaction with you I felt you were difficult to approach. Most of this was because you seemed practically glued to a few specific people, as was mentioned earlier, to the point where it was difficult to find an opening. If this is the experience of somebody just outside your friend circle, I can't imagine it is much better for somebody booting up Goon for the first time.

This isn't to say I don't see you making mentor someday. But I do think that approachability is an area you would greatly benefit from working on if you intend to seriously pursue this.

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