Complaint Tarmunora - Banned forever, without cause - Goon 2, 2022-08-20T05:00UTC
Admin: Tarmunora

Server: Goon2
Date + time: 2022-08-20T05:00 UTC
Synopsis: Tarmunora banned me forever without any reason
Logs: "Reason: shocking doors on default laws and we're ready to see you again never."
Extra information:

An antagonist was door-hacking out of the brig, and I electrified the door, as AI. I don't believe this constitutes human harm, because it doesn't damage their health (only stuns), and prevents harm to other humans.

Anyway, this seems like a really outrageous response. A 30 day ban is obscene enough, but a forever ban really seems totally disproportionate, even if I had outright killed someone as AI on default laws. Self-antag griefers that I've reported get less than a week, if anything.

This post is made in good faith, and represents my honest opinion. All facts presented here are true to the best of my knowledge.
Two things:
First, shocked doors are human harm.
Second, bans are discretionary, and based on your history, a permanent ban seemed appropriate.
What history is that? I've never had even a warning for AI actions before.
For clarification: "history" here refers to the sum total of your history on goon; your notes, observed behaviors, bans, and warnings.

Taking in the totality of how you've interacted with both staff and other players, a number of people on the admin team made the decision that you would be banned if you did not show marked improvement.

For reference, you've accrued more notes for poor behavior in the last 6 months than most players get in 6 years.

Yass made the final call that this incident was the final straw in determining that you would need to convince us that you have improved before we let you back onto the game. You are free to make your first attempt in 30 days.
This is the first I've heard of any of these notes. If you don't tell me that you don't like what I'm doing, I can't change anything. Can you please tell me what this poor behavior is?
Please don't post in other people's feedbacks to ask about your own ban! Thanks!

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