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An Alex Wilo branded Story(line)
Everything is a consequence

The consequences.
NanoTrasen Internal Affairs Department, 18.08.2053.

When I entered the office, I saw a grim looking man in a black suit and a blue beret is sitting on the table, smoking.

-Ah, Inspector! Good to see you. Sit down please!

While making my way to the chair, I noticed the droplets of sweat on the man's palms. The general Inspector was extremely nervous, and I knew it, but, to be fair, I was nervous as well. The case that was about to be discussed put careers at stake, especially of the people in the room.
-So, Inspector Dustis, the time has come. Tell me what did you find on him? Tell me everything.
-Well, Sir, not much. In fact, almost nothing at all. Before joining NT, it is like there was nothing, he was like a ghost. My team has looked through every record of every archive of every known country and organization, but we found no records belonging to "Alex Wilo", apart from our own records, of course. I also called in some favors from the Syndicate...
-What is it Cris? Is he a spy?
-No... He... He genuinely does not exist in their records. I mean, ultimately he does, Sir, but not before he joined NT, same as with our own records.
-This. Is. Not good enough. Really not good enough, dammit!
-Yes, yes, I know, sir! But we also reviewed all CCTV footage, both video and audio, of every shift he is in. Well, let's say he isn't a talker, especially not about his past. He often told people he was in the military, but that is pretty much it.
-Cris. You are the best Inspector I have. I gave you this job ONLY because the others told me the same shit you just did, only to "resign" on the spot.
-I know, Sir, I know, but this is not it. I did found a single footage, of him sharing information about his past with another crewmate. It is short, and a bit damaged, but it is something. I did a montage of all the bits of footage we could find.
-Ah, Cris, this is why I love you!

I then pulled out a tape out of his satchel, twirled it around my finger and gave it to the General Inspector. He then frantically put it into the TV, locked his doors and blinds shut with the push of a button on his table, and invited me to sit next to him in order to watch the fruits of my work, an invitation I gladly accepted.

CCTV footage from NT-13.
For internal use only.
Do not distribute.

A saurian in an HoS uniform is seen sitting, manning the front security desk, when an unknown with long white hair and a fully red attire approaches.
-HoS, I am in pursuit of wisdom... Do you have a bit of time to answer a couple of questions?
-Yes, of course, but have we met?

The General inspector paused the recording.
-So, Cris, the HoS is obviously Wilo, but who is the other one?
-We do not really know, but we believe it is Raven, an ex Syndicate operative, now in some weird cult organized by another crew member, hence, the attire.
-Understood. Let's continue.

-No, we haven't, but my identity is not important, it's about you, sir.
-Aight, works for me. So, shoot your questions.
-So, what brings you to NT?
-Heh, what brings me to NT. Well, you see, my dear friend, I was in the military before... Well. Bad things happened. People died. Close people. I lost my ship, I lost my crew because of enemies attempting to take over that very ship. The faction I was fighting for, the Federation decided to court-martial me for that loss. Even though I was proven innocent... Bad things happened. I do not wish to remember this, and NT is one of the last places in this universe that isn't implied in what happened and that just does not care.
-Escaping from your problems... I see... How slothful...
-Call it so if you want.
-Now tell me, do you like NT?
-Your questions... Whatever, not that I ever cared anyway. To say that I like NT would be a lie. NT is a relatively good company, yes, I did pledge allegiance to it, and it pays me well... It has good things going on, as well as bad things, but I remain because I like NT, even though I do not hate it either.

-This is perfect! It's... Let's watch it till the end. Care for some whiskey, Inspector?
-With great pleasure. Still in the same drawer?
-You know me!
I approached the general inspector's desk, bending over, taking whiskey out, as well as doing a single, almost accidental movement that I prayed he won't notice, but he, thank god, was scribbling something in the notebook.
-I got it! Let's continue!

-But then, why do you remain here?
-As I said, I ran from the past, and I have nowhere else to go now. You know, as I am talking to you, I realize that pretty much all NT employees are here because they have nowhere else to go. Of course, everyone has their own story... Some are here because of the crippling debt that they must repay and that NT pays at least something... Others are here because they have built a good career and hostile factions will kill them if they peek out of the safety... And others are like me, they are here because they are running from the past, or sometimes even their present, and yes, all three of those types just have nowhere else to go....
-This is very enlightening....
-I am sorry, I think there is something going on, I need to check cameras... ... ... OH BLOODY HELL! I am sorry I must run! BLOODY HELL, NOT ON MY SHIFT!
*audible cracking*

Because of the Cxrf74-13 accident, the communication dish was destroyed and the translation of the footage to the Central Command Recording Archives ended. Later during the shift, the station's mainframe was also destroyed, taking all of the footage recorded with it. Those events resulted in the remaining 26 minutes of the shift not getting recorded.

End of file.
Do not distribute.
Property of NT Internal Affairs.

-Well, my dear Cris, I take back what I said. This is more than enough. You truly did some fantastic work. We will get the rest out of him when he will be in cuffs in our interro.
-Speaking of cuffs... GENTLEMEN!
Three NTTOs entered the room.
-Cris, what is this?
-I am sorry, boss. But after all, we are all just making money here, and Wilo is a powerful man. Consider you watching that take as a last wish coming true. I just showed it to you out of respect for you. Do it boys.
-General Inspector Rotburg, I am hereby sentencing you to execution for treason against NanoTrasen via allying with the syndicate. Ready. Steady. Fire.
The time slowed in the second before the 3 plasma rifles were unloaded into the old General Inspector. He was a good man after all, I thought. But he shouldn't have entered this rabbit hole. Something Wilo said in that footage was right, we aren't exactly here by our own will. I do wonder what was holding the General Inspector here. Money, most likely. Or curiosity. And curiosity killed the cat. And yet, this was a good cat. But the cat made his choice, and must now suffer the consequences. There are always consequences.
-Well then. It is done. Welcome to your new office, General Inspector Dustis.
-Thank you. Take care of the body please. And that block note he is holding... was holding. Burn it.
I took out the tape out of the TV and kneeled over Rotburg's body, whispering a final thought for his soul. "I am sorry, old friend.". I then threw that godforsaken tape on the floor and crushed it with my foot.
-Oh, and get a biometrical scanner installed on that lockdown system. I don't want to end up as him.
As I was watching the NTTOs drag away the body I realized that a lockdown system won't be the thing to save me, but proper choices will. 
Choices that will always bring consequences.

To be continued. All feedback is appreciated discord or here.

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