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The Zooblar! Skrippus Pathway to Janitorial Excellence
Part 3: Other ways to help out

As a Janitor your job is not only the cleaning of messes, there are many other things you can do to help out around the station.


We’ve all experienced the aftermath of a bunch of monkeys getting into medbay, meds scattered all over the floor, facemasks and gloves all over the place, a bunch of monkeys weilding sharp implements, it’s a bad time for everyone, as a Janitor you’ll want to get good at quickly restoring workplaces to a usable state, scout out the rooms and learn where each item belongs, vacuum up all the empty bottles and used autoinjectors, recycle any broken glass, your workmates will thank you!

(Also can people please try and close lockers after opening them, it’s so easy and then other people don’t need to do it for you)

Monkey Wrangling

This is a good skill to learn so you can avoid the problem listed before this, each department has pet monkeys, and a lot of them just get left in the hallways to their own devices, it’s all too easy for them to wander over to a place where they can get up to mischief, plus, it’s just not safe for them to be left out in the open, if there’s a rad storm they don’t know that they need to get to safety, at the start of the shift, grab a few blankets from crew quarters, throw them over any wandering monkeys you find, remove whatever objects they’ve pilfered from their hands, and store them away safely in a maintenance tunnel, if you’re feeling generous towards genetics, you can drag a bunch down to the monkey pen (Just make sure all the existing monkeys have blankets over them), also with them under a blanket, you can grab one in each hand, efficiency!

Pest Control

A lot of Nanotrasen stations have issues with rats and cockroaches, we don’t know how they get there, but they’re a fact of life, as a Janitor it’s your job to keep them under control (Leave wasps and scorpions and snakes to security, they’re much better equipped for that), you can set traps but they can be efficient, i like getting in there and swinging a fire extinguisher but that’s not for everyone, also, if you carry a knife (Anything from a shard of glass to a plastic knife to a butcher’s knife from the kitchen will work), you can butcher the recently deceased vermin, load your trash cart up with discount meat and deliver it to the kitchen or to the cloning reclaimer, isn’t recycling great?

Replacing Broken Lights

Don’t worry about stepping on the toes of the mechanics and engineers, Nanotrasen put those boxes of light tubes and globes in your office for a reason, it’s a duty you’re expected to be able to perform, easiest way to do it is to just hold the box in one hand, grab a tube with the other, you can switch the new tube for the old broken tube with one hand, and then just dump the old broken one into the box and move on, then you can just dump the entire box into the trash chute, easy as pie!

Miasma Control

Look, sometimes reality just kinda breaks and you’ll end up with a part of medbay that just keeps creating miasma, or a monkey will get stuck in a powered down trash chute, whatever it is, you can’t always immediately deal with the problem, in this kind of situation, it’s best to go and grab an air scrubber from maintenance or storage, turn it on next to the offending area, it’ll work the same way your vacuum does, slowly removing miasma from the area so you don’t need to hang around, also a good option when you have to deal with the monkey miasma tidal wave after a radstorm and 40 minutes of ignored monkey corpses.

Be a mobile laundry

That towel you start with is great for bopping your fellow crewmates who have had a run in with a gore explosion and look red as a tomato, it can be polite to ask but most people will welcome having all the blood cleaned off of them, you can also use sponges but the issue there is you may end up putting some of whatever’s in the sponge on your target, which isn’t always ideal.

Help power the station

Some of our stations have a crazy powersource called a Singularity, it’s apparently a tiny little captured black hole or something? I don’t understand the tech, but i’ve heard it grows and generates more power when it eats things, while you’re going around the station vacuuming up random debris and garbage, if you’d like to be even more helpful, rather than sending it to disposals, take it down to engineering and ask if they can feed it all to that hungry hungry power source! (Be sure to tell the engineers that you definitely want your cart back because i assure you they will absolutely just throw the damn thing into the singularity)
Something that isn't mentioned enough is that the Janitor legitimately contributes to the peace of the station. When the lights are off, when there's blood splatters and pools, when doors and lockers are open, everyone is more chaotic and aggressive. By keeping the station tidy, you reduce the chaos. I find Janitor's tools a bit tedious to use so I really only use 3 items regularly.

Tsunami-P3 Spray Bottle - Clears lots of messes really quickly with unlimited uses.
Trash Cart - Can quickly clear up objects by dragging and using the Open/Close in the top right menu.
Fluid Tank - Drag over puddles and they disappear. Just need to find a place to empty it.

I've always wanted to be a traitor Janitor that just steals and removes as many items off the station as possible.
You should try the sponge more! If you practice with it enough you can clean stuff nearly as fast as a tsunami and much faster than a fluid canister, also with the trash cart, if there's a big pile of the same stuff, if you drag one of them into it it'll load everything in the surrounding 9 tiles into it.

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