Mentor Application - MylieDaniels
Usual character name: Sangure Antimon, FARTO HONKFRIEND
BYOND username: MylieDaniels
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Mylie#5379
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Morty and Sylvester

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): Some of the best fun I get from games, or even just in life, is when I can teach people how to accomplish goals they have, expand their knowledge base, or just generally guide them.  This, along with having a tendency to spend spare time researching games or other topics that I like until I can understand them completely, is my motivation for this mentor application.  As for experience, I play and understand most departments and roles, though I do not play much Security, and below are my particular role knowledges with a format I saw and enjoyed in Blahowsky's mentor application.

Antagonist: As someone that plays almost exclusively on RP, my knowledge of blob, wizard, werewolf, and nuke op is almost entirely from wiki/code reading and a bit of testing on local servers, and if someone were to ask me how to play revolutionary or gang, I would need to pop open the wiki page and try to get someone else to answer them - I don't play classic at the moment, and can't really test those on a local server.  Flock, however, interested me enough that I played around with it a lot on local servers, and I would say I know a great deal about changeling, arcfiend, and vampire.  I have played wraith once on live servers and know enough about it to help those with ability questions.
Mindhacks and sleeper agents, I have a good knowledge of the rules around, but don't have much experience playing as.  Spy thief and traitor gear has been a particular fascination of mine, and I know the mechanics of the vast majority of it - though I am always learning that I don't know everything, like finding out quite recently that you can put a pizza sharpener into the pizza vending machine.  I've only been in a conspiracy once, but I understand the basics.

 Silicon: I don't play as a silicon much at all (honestly, I just don't have a good cyborg/AI character), but I know how to build them, repair them, and of course rogue them, as well as how the cyborg and AI user interfaces and abilities work.  I know the specifics of how the basic silicon laws and wordings are generally interpreted as well as the default syndicate laws, and think I have a good handle on custom laws.

Security: Though it is my least played department, I do know a lot about Sec's gear and systems.  I feel I am able to answer questions about Security equipment and mechanics such as the armory unlock or forensic scans, though I do not feel fully confident in answering questions like "how long should I brig this crimer for doing X, Y, and possibly Z?"

Civilian: I can answer questions about how the janitor tools work, but I don't play it much at all.  Other than that, I love the civilian department.  Clown is good fun, but I particularly enjoy the peculiar mechanical complexity of chef and botanist.  I know how botany works from the ground up, and can advise on how to splice and maintain plants.  Bartender is parallel to chemistry, while also getting a different style of roleplay and more interaction, so it's one of my favorite jobs.

Engineering: Though the elusive undefined wattage still eludes me, I know how atmospherics works and I think I know enough about engineering as a whole to be a help with questions about construction, engines, MechComp, TermOS, and ThinkDOS.  I love mechanic contraptions, especially when they involve packets, terminals, and/or regex.

Medsci: If "I removed every organ except the brain from a volunteer, who was kept alive by chemicals and food for almost a minute after the final organ (the appendix) came out" counts for anything, I'd like to put it first.  If it doesn't, I still know how to do most surgeries, exactly what almost all the chemicals do, and how to export a ticking black hole bomb for profit.  I'm a huge nerd, and medsci is my favorite part of the game.  Whether it's how to deliberately turn an artifact into a wasp's nest of faults, the ranges of TTVs, how to deal with hyperallergic radioactive Captains, or why telescience keeps running out of power, I think I can answer the questions in this category really well.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None.
Mylie is very knowledgable and generally kind and helpful, they're newer than other mentors but still put in an application after being here for longer than I was. +1
The legendary Farto Honkfriend. Cool guy overall, and definitely fit for the role. +1
I personally have never had any bad encounters with them. I also recall them taking time out of their round to help out new players and answer questions pretty often +1
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to some concerns regarding your behaviour. Feel free to reach out to us via discord if you wish some additional info. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days!

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