Caroline Soupes HoS application
Usual character names: Caroline Soupes (main for sec), Grup Guppy, Subject Saphira, s0upDOS etc
BYOND username: CalliopeSoups
Discord username (if you are on our discord): CalliopeSoups#8989
Recommended by (if applicable): Chatauscours (Alex Wilo)
Goon servers you play: Both RP servers mainly. I spectate classic and play occasionally but I wouldn't play HoS there, so this'll be from an RP perspective.

Reason for application: Shorter answer is I like security and being the head is cool, everyone knows it. The long of it is I think the mark of a healthy shift is a present HoS. Without a leader there it can be a gamble, both for the sec players and the antags. I love teaching new players, entertaining people's bits and just generally being helpful. I notice shifts go by without HoSs all the time on RP, and have felt the environment's needed a couple more recently with an increase in new players. Feedback is always appreciated and putting an application in is a way to do it, also.

Security experience (300 word minimum): Despite not being the most robust player out there, having a tendency to space out among other mistakes, I think I have the attitude and playstyle for the position. I've had to play a leading role as an officer plenty of times, which felt incredible when I was able to keep the time informed and organized. Since becoming a mentor I've given the role a few tries too, I'm certain now I love the role and can take the pressure.

As an RP officer, I'm there to aid in the flow of the shift and the flow of the antagonist's story. It's a fine line that you have to feel out based on the moment which has taken a while for me to figure out, since starting out pretty lost. Whatever's beneficial to the shift's flow and story is what I go with. I'll execute if necessary, or maybe shuffle my feet a bit if I feel the antag deserves a head start. I always believe in second chances, including changelings that I like to space once we've caught the first time to give them a way to crawl back, depending on the damage they've caused of course.

I feel I can deal with officers at this point as well. I've played for long enough to know a lot of the little things about security ettiquite, and if the victim was just a particularly convincing and roleplayed liar, well that's on me.

I'm not a proactive officer or HoS, I walk about to say hi to the different departments to see if they're doing alright, but I'm usually hanging back and responding to calls. One of the most important things about sec I've come to learn is to be chill and not try to win like you're playing a game, even if you're still roleplaying. This doesn't mean let the alien eat three people in the halls and say 'huh, weird', but it does mean to kick your feet back at the front desk and chat with your coworkers. I tend not to sprint through maintenance without reason either.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players? 
    - Always keep your mannerisms in mind. Be polite, and don't shoot first unless you know they are a threat. - Travel in pairs, not in packs. If you see a three or more security personnel rushing to an alert, they probably don't need another. Splitting up benefits both the overall security of the station, and also feels less stompy for the antag.
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
    I have memory issues, but I know for a fact my favourite moments on security are the chill goofster roleplays in the office and intense escalated shootouts. Any opportunity where I'm ducking in and out of fire in a slow stalemate, and I get to yell 'flash out!' are incredible.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
    Something to do with security alerts. I'd like there to be a way to beep a 'responding!' signal in return, to aid in preventing the whole team showing up. This also makes it quicker for the officer who's running to the the site.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
    The lower the count in the sec team the harsher I am. I always go by everyone gets a second chance, but being the only officer I would mean that and not give any extra ways out. Despite that I think I'd have to hang back a lot, since I'd need be be real careful not to get killed. On more staffed shifts I like hanging out at the office or the front desk waiting for calls.
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
    Clown in my office
    My spaghetti compromised
    Should have stayed on earth
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
    - weed brig
    - Glue a beepsky onto the scuttlebot and do beepsky RP.- Caveman sec. Everybody wears trash bags and only uses flashes.
  • Draw a picture!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None.
yeah, like a +.5 from me. Overall I lean very positive on this.
My only contention with the app as written is maybe the having a hos = healthy shift; I think hoses CAN help shifts proceed better but they arent essential and they also arent essential for healthy/good rounds. just to be mindful of this because this line of thinking can quickly fall into a sort of ego-trap that I've seen others fall into. Though, I think you are probably the least likely to concede to that in full.
As far as playing security/antags, you're fun, fair, friendly and play in a style that i personally really enjoy seeing from officers, that laid-back at-the-desk attitude, and i think like you said, you dont have to be proactive as sec in that you shut down everything at the faintest hint of trouble. really wise and balanced approach. the only thing I am thinking here is you are just a little green still and I havent gotten to see you too often, which is really why I'm not quite at a full +1 on this; still very positive towards this application and I think even just from the written portion too, you've shown a high degree of effectiveness and thoughtfulness in how you choose to approach playing as sec.

I would also not mind seeing you as sec/hos on classic and absolutely think you can cut it there.
Fair point, I suppose I meant a HoS makes for better shifts on average by dealing with troublesome secoffs etc, but thinking about it you don't get them THAT often. Thanks for the feedback!
👍 much luck to you on this one!
Overall neutral leaning towards positive on this. I have seen good things from you in sec, but I do think this app is maybe a bit premature. I think you need more experience, as I have seen you become overwhelmed in security in the past. HoS can be very demanding, and you have to do your best to keep your cool. As HoS, your mood will have a huge impact on the rest of security.

Ultimately, I do think you will make for a fine HoS one day. If not in this batch of apps, then certainly in a future one.
Thanks for the feedback, I do need to play more. I get too distracted by my funny mimes and ghost critters. I feel like I've gotten much better at not getting overwhelmed, but maybe I just haven't had a bad enough shift for a bit. It's definitely the thing I keep in mind the most now.
I remember Soups. +1 from me, good to have on the team.
Proved trough friday HoS'ing to be quite capable, ive also known soup for a good while and think they are a general great +1 to a sec team or station.
They are quite swell to RP with, and can create memorable scenes, also got an ok overlook over the team for what ive experianced.

A round +1 from me, the ooze (aka Cara Garnet)

Soups is a good officer that knows to be chill during a slow round and knows to take matters into her own hands when things start to get serious. Generally welcoming towards both new and old players, always listening to the comms and making the right calls, Soups also proved to be a good HOS/NTSC during the fridays.

My commend stands,
i think the app is a bit premature, maybe you need more experience. but you are definitely a good secoff, as others said. welcoming, communicative, fun. ill be glad to give u a full +1 in the future!
I've seen Soups play a few different rounds, and I've gotta agree, a bit early on the application. That said, I've seen them do utterly fantastic, with good RP and is very level-headed as an HoS / NTSC. I've seen them on mentor fridays, and overall I'm impressed with their performance. For now, I will give this a 0.5+. I would like to give a full 1, but I still believe the application was just a bit early. Otherwise, fantastic player.
Positive leaning neutral. You're an excellent player and well behaved, and a good sec officer. My issue is actually the stance of HOS being healhy to gameplay. I've always personally thought the most important role of the HoS is guidance and assistance, or as a stronger counter to very destructive antags. I don't think or feel they make a round better, or worse.

     I've seen Caroline perform very well as security, especially on their mentor-fridays as HoS.  Only positive experiences across the board.  I feel like they bring a rather relaxed and calm demeanor to the security team, while being upbeat and fun and keeping up with the pace of the round.  One thing I really like about your application is the mention of over saturating calls with an abundance of officers, which recently I've seen to be a problem on RP.  More then two officers on a call generally causes confusion and bogs down the security team.  I can confidently recommend them for HoS!
I took a long time to think on this one due to how soon it was made in their time with sec though I think I can give a +1 due to their good performances on HoS fridays and their consistent showing of the earnest will to keep the round fun for all players involved. From what I've seen they always are one willing to lean into the antag's rp and have the level head required to keep tabs and calmly act on most of what is going in with their team and the station. My only concern would be them being a bit too easy on antagonists to the point of putting themselves in situations where they can easily be killed which is something that should be avoided as a HoS since it has a large effect on the round; I think with time they'll find the right balance between caution and creating interesting situations so that antagonists can have fun while not causing their team and station undue issue. Overall, a solid +1 from me.
Having seen them on Fridays I would edit or append my response to a +1 after a few good views.

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