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Your favorite NON ANTAGONIST weapon
(08-09-2022, 05:05 AM)Mouse Wrote: The hat.

Odd Job's hat?
Telling newbies to tip the fedora?
Hands down, the defibrillator is the best offensive tool in all the lands for your unarmed civilian.

There is nothing else close.

It does no damage. Heck, it even heals. So your mediborg can totally use it, even.
And it instantly makes people drop what they're holding. Nukie doomguns. Random wordless stabcrazies. Sec's batons. That guy with a csaber. Whatever.

Which you then take.
the ye-olden table. though- it's not exactly a weapon per say, I'v certainly tossed more people onto them then I have actually put non-people on em.
A slamgun filled with glass. Low damage, huge spread, super satisfying to build. What more can you want?

I am also rather fond of the humble rolling pin.
deconstruction device


runner up being a chair and the z button
I haven't played in a while, but the Peacekeeper is my personal favorite.

You have to really think about firing it, unlike the normal Det Special.

Plus, it's difficult for an ordinary player to use, so if some greyshirt picks it up, they might get one shot off and then drop it.

It's a weapon specifically designed to be hard to use, which is fitting for a job that shouldn't even be getting into fights.
The rafflesia.

Theres so much possibilities it gives to the botanist to turn it into the most nasty chemical weapons out there. I love that plant to hell and back and back again and use it for all kind of shenanigans (mostly harmless ones).
Cake hat
The humble lighter

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