Mentor Application: GibusGame
Usual character name: Europa Perses, Ashlin Merryweather, Xavier Boudle, etc. There are way too many that people could recognise me as.
BYOND username: GibusGame
Discord username (if you are on our discord):
Goon servers you play: RP3, and RP4

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I have, over the past 6 months of playing on Goon, amassed a knowledge of general topics that often come under question. "How do I do genetics?" "Which order do I do to attatch a tail to a person?" "What's a good combo for Cyborgs?" "How do I convincingly play a character?"
I feel that I have the capability to give back to the Goon community, not just through playing my many many characters situated in multiple departments, but with genuine questions from the people I spend a lot of time with.
I've been on Goon since the 23rd of November, 2021, and whilst this isn't super long compared to many other members of the gang, I feel like the amount of hours I've decided to sink into the game isn't a waste, as I've learnt a lot, played a lot, and genuinely had a lot of fun.

The Gibus Experience started out as a cyborg, believe it or not, and I gradually transitioned to Sec, Med, and the entire Civilian sector of jobs gradually. Whilst I'm not so knowledgable in Sci and Engineering, there's always time to learn. Cyborg is still a "job" that I hold close, and I still occasionally play as Cyborg characters to this day (Wolfsbane, and Europa Perses previously).

As said above, I then decided to make the jump to Sec. This is where I learnt how to properly defuse situations, and whilst admittedly my sec style was relatively dodgy to start, over the past 6 months I've learned from the best. (Thanks to Purple, Shiiba, Lostroman, and all the other sec/HoS players for doing your part, wouldn't be here without ya.) Sec is a job best experienced hands-on, on both high and low-pop, and I've been around for both.

I also have sunk many many hours into Medical roles, such as MD, Roboticist, and Geneticist, during which I've learnt surgeries, borg and robot creation, which genes to Not Sell, which genes to always have avaliable, and how to be quick in saving someone's life. I am obviously not the best, and I doubt I ever will be, but I'd still love to give people an extra hand if needs be. Robotics is probably where I've sank most of my med hours, and thanks to the wonderful minds of Haydus and Joy/Silent Majority, I have learnt almost all there is to know about the job, which is probably what I'm proud of the most.

All in all, I want to make the 927 hours of my life that I've given this game useful to others, and mentoring would be the step I'd love to take. Thanks for reading my wall of text.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

None that I've been made aware of.
I have some reservations about this namely regarding anti-social actions in-round and hostility towards players you weren't familiar with. I recall one round distinctly where you threatened multiple people with braining them because they happened to walk in on you (a nonantag) and a friend (someone you knew was an antag) talking, and instead of engaging the people who happened by, you chose some colorful, violent imagery to threaten them with instead. in the same round, you took that approach and walked a very...difficult and sensitive divide of being aligned with cybernetic beings and hating humans de facto, regardless of if you had ever interacted with them prior. my biggest concern here isnt really the allegorical, but the literal, which is that that approach shut down and alienated players before they even had the opportunity to do anything. I had issues with the same character along the lines of the violent conversation and not knowing when to de-fuse and de-escalate, and then continued harrassment after communications had already ceased.

I'd be less worried and just tie it to the nature of a character that didnt land correctly; but I've seen you on other characters in similar one-on-one RP situations when people accidentally walk in or are meaningfully looking for you/others for help or interaction, tell those players that you are not familiar with to leave the conversation.

I think there would be competing interests over being approachable and the kind of RP with which you regularly chose to engage. You're allowed to do deep one-on-one, and I dont want to say you HAVE to mentor a certain way, but my experience has been that sometimes I self-sacrifice my wants for a round/interaction to help people actively seeking my guidance; and that's okay, because the field is very open with 20 or 40 or 70 people all playing on the server at the same time, and I'm there to collaborate with those 20 or 40 or 70 people, not just one or two of them.
I completely agree, these are areas I need to work on. As of now, that character has been completely retired, and I've been trying to improve in those parts where I am not as acceptable as standards may require.

As for round sacrifice: I'm totally happy with letting RP go for the sake of the people in it, this wouldn't be a problem at all.

thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
im sure you have a great knowledge of the mechanics of the game and could help players in this. but i have to agree with everything Nef said above, these are things that i noticed too, in rounds that we played together. it was hard to get rp with you, especially when i was playing a random name character. i think a mentor has to be willing to interact with everyone, and be kind and helpful to everyone, even people they don't know, and new players. anyway, im sure you can improve in this!
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to lack of community feedback. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days!

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