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[CLOSED PR] Removes burst mode from tasers
The ammo economy was standardized and all guns have the same cells by the way. The power of tasers are fine for most players, the thing is burst is useless for new players, this change wont effect them. What this change will effect however, is your powerplayers, for them burst is a godsend. If you can land all your shots (or are jerkish enough to not care about talking to people and the like before arresting them and going straight to shooting), you can guarantee an insta stun and the risks become irrelevant. Tasers for most players are fine because they dont have the skill to use burst and thus dont, for those who do however? Different story.
Don't nerf something just because some people are good with it.
If we start going down that path there are too many things on station that would also end up with this discussion too.
(08-05-2022, 11:50 AM)KikiMofo Wrote: Don't nerf something just because some people are good with it.
If we start going down that path there are too many things on station that would also end up with this discussion too.

This isnt because I think burst is too good (if it was then itd be a nerf to burst), its because I think burst is fundamentally flawed and doesnt fit with what taser should be (if you want specifics read the whys this needed section).
Removal for removal's sake is a little uninteresting. At least make a change to it.
I just dont think there'd be a good change you can make. If you're keeping it as a burst, see the whys this needed section to why I dont think any changes would fit. If you're replacing the burst mode with a different mode, the question arises of how do you make this an option that doesnt step on the niche of another gun. The best idea Ive heard is some variation of chargeup/time to fire, however there are guns like this in code and they tend to feel pretty clunky to use so I dont think itd work well.
What's the point of removing burst?

"The burst mode makes the taser shotgun basically completely irrelevant."
So buff the shotgun.

"Even from a balance perspective, I dont think itd be possible to get burst to a good state."
"The point of burst mode is that its high-risk high-reward - if you miss you are punished." (yes I just quoted myself lol)

Removing features from the game for the sake of "balance" will make the game hollow.
Perhaps make a thread soliciting ideas on how the shotgun could be more interesting. Single fire mode could easily be replaced with, say, a different projectile amount or spread. (E.g. shotgun choke)

Consider adjusting taser projectile power instead. It's better than removal.
Also consider adding a charge-up to the burst. Give it a little sprite and sound effect so people can have some warning of when their ass is about to be kicked.
The code can't be too different from the nukie lock-on pistol. Only instead of locking on it charges up.
Why not make the tazer and actual tazer insted of energy balls?

Time to fire a pronged bit into someone and start shocking them from a distance.. then again that would be OP since now you can be shocked alot of times.

But simply put I think the SMG needs a buff or a different mode that is high skill high reward like burst tazerss.
As far as taser shotguns go I would like to see them changed a bit. Like the different modes of fire. IRL shotguns are very versatile because they can use so many different types of round loads. As long as it fits in the shell it will fire out of the gun. Also they can have multiple types of shells loaded at the same time so you can fire them in a row.
A taser shotgun having multiple different modes as a sort of two handed lesser version of the lawbringer would be neat.

For the taser acting as a real taser yes if it actually sticks someone you can keep shocking them over and over but if they are on drugs it won't do shit to them usually. They will just keep going. Also real life tasers because they are small prongs that HAVE to contact the skin, if the person is wearing clothes that are even a little bit thick it will not penetrate and not touch the skin so its useless unless you get in melee range and press the taser to their skin. Also after they shoot that shot they have to reload the cart to shoot again.
I would be interested in seeing if a real life style taser would work like on station. If someone has clothing in the exosuit slot and the protection is high enough for that piece of clothing it would have a lower chance of working on them but to make it so its not weak and everyone has mostly immunity by wearing something thick enough the taser is buffed to close to how it use to be with one shot stunners. Of course then they would have to reload the cartridge after. Same with how often people are on meth or other stimulants on station it would be a high risk high reward version of the taser.

Just some thoughts I was thinking.

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