Furyaquario Mentorship Application
Usual character name: Dr. The Worm
BYOND username: furyaquario
Discord username (if you are on our discord): aquario#2468
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: the roleplaying ones, 3 and 4 and nightshade whenever rears its head.

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I have no idea when I started playing but its probably been over a year, definitely longer than three months. Submitting this application because I generally enjoy helping newer players learn the basics of the game or their departments. Something I suffered with a bit from this game was burnout. Watching the same things happen again and again on rounds, gets tiring sometimes. But when you're experiencing it with someone entirely new, its like you are experiencing it for the first time. Some of my fondest memories are teaching new scientists about all the intricacies of artifact lab, having them freak out whenever an evil clone starts beating them up, or wondering why there is a biohazard symbol in the corner of their screen after an artifact converts every tile in the lab to erebite. That's why I'd like to be a mentor, to foster those moments of putting someone in the middle of the action, allowing them to enjoy SS13 without having 14 tabs of the wiki open. 
My knowledge is pretty decent with every department, as how I learned to play the game was playing Captain on lowpop shifts, which usually requires setting up the engine, running medical, the customs desk, researching all your genes, arresting and ticketing ne'er-do-wells, and then entertaining yourself helping the most staffed other departments. Generally though, I have more science knowledge than anything else. I would say my weakest area is definitely security, as I very rarely play it, but that department has a built in learning role so it needs the least help anyway. However more than offhand knowledge, I usually know what to search for on the wiki to find information I don't know quickly and have too many SS13 based bookmarks. Both guides to writing and text formatting, Chemicals, Construction, and Food & Drink are all wiki articles I have pulled up whenever I play, as well as a text document containing every shortcut for an emote. *twitch_v 

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I was banned once, at the very beginning of my time here by Adhara, for shoving several people into the singularity, then deleting their cloning records, one of which was AFK if I remember correctly. Nasty stuff.

thank you so much for reading my thread  bee
definitely +1, aquario has always been a positive and fun member of the community since i started playing on rp, and would make a great mentor
enthusiastic, funny, inclusive; scammed me out of my hair once, +1
Aquario is a very fun player. I absolutely love seeing them in game and has been a friendly face to me on known and random characters. I believe they'll be a great mentor!
Wait you're not a mentor? Honestly thought you were already, either way theyd be a great fit +1
+1, they're engaging and always try to make the round very interesting. Science is probably my least frequented departement so i have only trace interactions with Worm but they're always wonderfull. I believe they'd be a good fit.
+1! Worm's a great character, and Aquario's an even better player behind it all.
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to some concerns regarding your behaviour. Feel free to reach out to us via discord if you wish some additional info. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days!

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