Complaint Self-spawned Admin Antag Ruined My Round
Admin: Virva

Server: Goon1
Date + time: 03/08/2022, 12-1pm, GMT
Synopsis: Spy thief round. I had mindhacked an officer and began rampaging, quickly taking down most of sec and many crew with the officer - this is important to note because a large threat antag like a flockmind would roll the crew if spawned in at this point. My next target was using the mindhacked officer's PDA to obtain a mindslave cloner from the drop location in security. However, an admin had decided to spawn themself in as a flockmind in security. Assuming that the admin wouldn't set me (a naturally spawned antag) as a target I walk in to turn in the reward, they set me as a target. I end up just barely escaping alive and losing my belt of gear along with both the officer PDA and my own spy thief PDA among a few other items - the mindhacked officer was also killed. This occured roughly 25-30 mins into the shift if I remember correctly.

I then try to recover from having lost so much loot and progress over the next few minutes until the escape shuttle is called pre-40 minutes (35-39 I'm not sure exactly the number). No biggie right, I'll just go emag the bridge open and recall using a head's ID? One of the admin's flockdrones had already converted the comms consoles so I was unable to recall the shuttle, meaning the round only lasted about 45 minutes and for nearly half of that I'd been unable to antag due to having to fight off the flockmind with the crew just to survive.

The complaint comes from the fact that when asked about an antag token, it was entirely dismissed and I was told that I "had enough time to antag". I don't mind admins going gimmicks or testing things during rounds but it seems entirely inappropriate to ruin someone's enjoyment playing antag by spawning yourself in as a powerful antag and ruining their rampage, only to turn around and refuse to give a token, especially when removing comms consoles that early into the round to prevent a recall. Providing an antag token costs nothing to the admin, yet it can be very cathartic to any antagonists affected by admins taking the round into their own hands. There is no point 'testing' antagonists if you do not want antagonists to enjoy their rounds, this situation feels like the enjoyment of the admin took priority over the enjoyment of the players in the round, hence why I am making this post.

TLDR: Admins should not be spawning themselves in as antags while trying to kill natural antags, destroying their gear, preventing them completing antag tasks, forcing an early shuttle then after all that completely dismissing the idea of a token which is designed for this exact kind of situation. To quote the wiki: "Your antagonist round was ruined/significantly impaired by admin fuckery".

Apologies for the long read I just wanted to include as much detail and context as possible and thank you for taking the time to read it.
Everyone was targeted that round and I had no knowledge of other players who were antagonists. The majority of what I did that round was let the flock AI do its thing and spawned any players the drones killed as partitions so they could test out flock too. The only way to test a new/revamped feature properly is on a live server *without* the knowledge of every player or else they act differently than they would normally. It is part of the game, and thus I deemed it not necessary to give out antag tokens to antagonists, given the whole ball didn't get rolling until later in the round. You also did not know it was an admin spawned antag or if it had been picked naturally as a latespawn ghost role until I announced that I had been playing in OOC after the round. You were not targeted specifically, flock react to aggression and other partitions can assign you as a target. You are seeing malice where there is none, I was testing flock so that I could see what sounds needed to be changed as it is now currently in rotation. If you look at the commits, I immediately fixed something I otherwise would have not known about until/if someone brought it to my attention.

Admins can and will play the game too, and that does not mean you are owed anything if you happen to come in contact with them while they are playing. There is no obligation whatsoever to give out tokens, even if a whole round is "ruined". You had half a round to do antagonist stuff and it was your choice to come into contact with the flock that round, they were almost exclusively in security for most of the time they were ingame. I usually am quite free with antag tokens but this is rather silly.
Peanut gallery post.

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