Complaint Almost gaslit, but his log then shows I acted in good faith, he is still antagonistic
After first almost gaslighting me into misremembering the round I had no logs of and claiming I was both greytiding and acting in bad faith by lying to him about it, he became quite explicitly antagonistic towards me. 

The admin then luckily showed logs that 1:1 confirmed my statement and thereby showed good faith on my side (both ingame and outside), yet I still got steamrolled by him because he simply reads what he wants and fills in the blanks with his fantasy to confirm his prejudice instead of bothering to read even the very first sentence I wrote.

Of course, if you legitimately think that using 3 shots of lube flamethrower (that you never intended to take outside sci) while fleeing your crazy coworker and another 3 trying to flee security afterwards (with only half of them in areas effecting uninvolved players) is malicious greytiding worthy of sadistic execution then I am the one in the wrong.

But considering the official "execution for greytiding" follows this official guideline:

"Let admins know when something's up. For instance, if someone keeps messing with security despite being given warnings, or if you need to execute a greytider or rulebreaker, please ahelp with some context so that the admin team is aware. This helps them keep track of patterns of behavior and enforce the rules and ideally also gives you more freedom to act (using your best judgement), since you've already given a heads up."

an execution should require greytiding that is borderline ahelp territory and therefore should have some thought put into it, like, I don't know, talking even a single word with the supposed greytider instead of excitedly self-antagging with your lawbringer?

Full Proof of me acting in good faith confirmed by every single line of the adminprovided log:

1. First I build my first ever lube flamethrower and set it to volume 35 full-auto and fire a test shot at the sci monkey "Kenney", which did literally nothing because apparently that volume was too low, so I then set the volume higher to find the optimal point; This clearly shows I was only doing regular science and not planning to grief anyone. (in all my playtime on goon, nevermind tiding, even rolling antag I never do anything to harm fellow scientists; I also have chemgroups for everything i've ever done before so the manual mixing of spacelube indicates experimenting, not trolling or antagging)

2. The other scientist player has apparently clown PTSD and starts chasing me down to destroy my experiment, assuming I'm tiding or an Antag and not even attempting conversation and immediately resorting to attacking me. I use the lube flamethrower to escape him, managing to do so after going towards owlery with 2 of the 3 shots fired in the public hallway, unintentionally affecting others which was not really something I thought about while being chased. The shot in the owlery not only was completly out of the way of everybody, it also blocked my own escape. This shows my intention was to deescalate by hiding, further proof is that with 45 full shots of lube in the tank a tider or antag would have no reason to do that.

3. After hiding a bit in the owlery, under the assumption the scientist was either looking for me near podbay or back in science, I went upwards towards the bar to hopefully do more chemsci. This took me past sec, which resulted in an unexpected shootout where another 3 lube shots were fired while fighting sec.

4. After getting cuffed by HoS, I tried talking to him and explaining what happened multiple times, but instead of engaging in the conversation he excitedly shouted a cascade of violent cavemanspeak along the lines of "smokeshot!! Execution!!" and killed me with the lawbringer.

[Image: unknown.png]

The very first sentence of my post that the admin captainbravo should have read was:
"So, I was making a lube flamethrower in Sci and tested a shot on the monkey to figure out the right volume setting, after which my fellow scientist started chasing me down trying to take my flamethrower. I obviously slipped him to escape, with the collateral chaos as you would expect from around 5 shots in the hallway."

This was just from my memory since I had no logs, but if captainbravo showed good faith in his interaction with everyone on here like he should instead of favoritism to the HoS the logs would have easily confirmed that chain of events. But due to his unjustifiable bias against me, he started insulting me as a greytider and that he instead would have been ok with me being put in the crusher.
Even if unintentional, his denial of not just my words but claiming the logs proved me wrong (when he posted them later they proved the opposite) is mental abuse in the form of gaslighting.

His claims were:

"If all you're doing in a round is spraying lube around the halls, I don't see why anyone, including the Head of Security or us for that matter, should care if you stay alive for the rest of the round. And yet the HoS made sure you got cloned anyways."
--> not only is he massively exaggerating and lying about my actions which were clearly indicated by me and easily confirmed by his logs, he also completely ignored the non-communicative way the HoS interacted with me and then even claimed the HoS cloned me out of generosity and not because he wanted plausible deniability to avoid a ban after his violent powertrip.

"choked to death and then cloned for being a menace"
--> lying about the fact HoS used his lawbringer in the execution chamber to kill me after extaticly annoucing his joy in doing so and insulting me again as a greytider.

"I'm not sure where you got this notion that the Head of Security isn't "allowed" to kill you for spraying lube everywhere, including in Security itself, but dunking people who seem to exist solely to shit up a round is part of their job. Judging by your actions after they were nice enough to clone you, I'd say the HoS wasn't far off the mark in making that judgment. Stop engaging in this kind of behavior when you aren't an antagonist and stop trying to weaponize ahelps because you lose an in-game scuffle. If you really felt like you had just cause to send an ahelp, you could have done it much earlier in the round. The fact that you chose to wait until your little revenge spree also got you killed tells me everything I need to know about your attitude here."
--> continuing the lies and insults, the irony of asking me to ahelp as early as possible (when noone is online and there is a clear bias to the whitelisted players) while ignoring the fact that the HoS is explicitly recommended to ahelp executions according to the guidelines (if you look at the HoS ingame chat before executing me, you know he didn't ahelp because he knew he was handling things wrong, as in, doing sh*t I have only seen antag captains do, and cloning after is just rubbing it in how he can selfantag without risk of getting banned, if I didn't get cloned I would have ahelped right there, but with his confidence I, in retrospect absolutely correctly, was afraid of being punished for ahelping a HoS; nevermind that the literal previous round we had a mindhacked HoS, so ahelping would have been double stupid)

Now, maybe Captainbravo made a genuine mistake by not paying enough attention and thinking with his prejudices instead of brains, but if he continues trying to gaslight me and be abusive while justifying what the HoS said and did I will consider it intentional misconduct, no matter if its coming from stubborness and lazyness or from toxic clique-behaviour.

If you're not willing to talk and listen to someone and are only intent on making up a strawman to justify your whims, you have no justification for assuming bad faith and punishing for it no matter if as admin or HoS.
As per the rules of the Admin Feedback forum, don't post in a thread unless you have relevant information to share regarding the specific complaint.
I'm not sure what rocks you've allowed to live inside your head, but all those logs show is you doing exactly what I accused you of. Doing nothing but make and spray a spacelube extinguisher, from roundstart until you were arrested and killed (and cloned).

Your complaint was reviewed by an admin other than the one that banned you and found to be ridiculous on its face.

Don't post another thread after this one.

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