Complaint goon1 ban complaint flappybat - distorting facts in blind trust of powerabusing HoS
So, I was making a lube flamethrower in Sci and tested a shot on the monkey to figure out the right volume setting, after which my fellow scientist started chasing me down trying to take my flamethrower. I obviously slipped him to escape, with the collateral chaos as you would expect from around 5 shots in the hallway.

I then got arrested and executed without trial, warning, lockup or anything by the HoS who was very eager to use his Smokeshot to kill someone just a few minutes into the round.
Afterwards I obviously did everything within the rules to get back at him (no admins online).

1. Thermited into security foyer, placed a bounced radio on the table for espionage and released some depressant smoke while hiding in the bin to make sure not even  indirect damage is dealt (by enabling a prisoner to escape etc.)
2. later, I stole back my conficated flamethrower after picking up a "Honorary Clown AA" ID from the floor
3. Used up most of the rest of the flamethrower's contents to escape HoS and lubed up the bar to empty the last few shots

24h ban
Reason: Excessive use of a space lube flamethrower and then using thermite to break into sec before spreading neurodepressant smoke. This is self antagging.

Considering how wrong this describes the timeline (5 shots lube --> get executed in a banworthy manner by HoS --> thermite bounced radio revenge -----> only later with AA get back my gear and go on a revenge spree). Calling it "break into sec" makes it sound like it was the prison or armory area, when it was only the foyer where dozens of civilians slip in through open doors each shift and you can easily monkeymail yourself to. Depressant smoke that was supervised, didn't hit anyone unprotected and doesn't do damage isn't antagging either.

I assume he banned me to due to trusting the HoS words, since such a murderhappy HoS is still whitelisted there is the possibility he is friends with him since I got no warning and got banned later in the middle of an antag round (could also be just a busy admin not paying much attention).

While I know I shouldn't have escalated things against the HoS (though I did stay within the rules), I have never seen consequences after a-helping when a Command role roles breaks rules and in this case the HoS was completely selfassured (like he knows he will literally get away with murder)

If the HoS also had consequences tell me, otherwise explain why he can selfantag (just look at his chat after my first arrest, if you're this murderhappy on round start you shouldn't be HoS whitelisted)
I'm really not sure what to make of this complaint.

After looking up the logs for the round in question, you seem to have done everything you were accused of, and more (including thermiting down some walls to the Bridge, as well).

The exact order doesn't really matter as much as the content of your actions, which were to spam a spacelube flamethrower, get dunked, get cloned by the same HoS you're complaining about (when we'd honestly be fine with your body getting crushed in this scenario), start planning "revenge" for this despite 1. not being wronged by anyone in any way and 2. not being an antag; get dunked again, and then, only AFTER a long exhausting session of you lying to the HoS about who was continuing to spam a lube flamethrower and blaming the Captain for it, were you executed.

At which point, since you lost and died, you seem to have decided to ahelp in an attempt to weaponize us against other players who very rightfully were tired of your BS and killed you for it.

That's not really what we're here for. You should honestly just be glad you got a day for this because if I caught you pulling this crap while I was on, you'd get a longer ban.
"spam a spacelube flamethrower, get dunked, get cloned"
I spammed only AFTER getting murdered, I only used it while being chased by my coworker before that. Maybe I remember wrong, but it was almost full when I got it back from the sec locker so I couldn't have spammed it.

I also only have a problem with the first execution, which was so early in the round I couldn't possibly have done enough to deserve it.

(especially since you claim that at that point I already did enough to deserve the crusher)
If all you're doing in a round is spraying lube around the halls, I don't see why anyone, including the Head of Security or us for that matter, should care if you stay alive for the rest of the round. And yet the HoS made sure you got cloned anyways.

Here is the full log of everything you did before getting choked to death and then cloned for being a menace:

[Image: unknown.png]

I'm not sure where you got this notion that the Head of Security isn't "allowed" to kill you for spraying lube everywhere, including in Security itself, but dunking people who seem to exist solely to shit up a round is part of their job. Judging by your actions after they were nice enough to clone you, I'd say the HoS wasn't far off the mark in making that judgment.

Stop engaging in this kind of behavior when you aren't an antagonist and stop trying to weaponize ahelps because you lose an in-game scuffle. If you really felt like you had just cause to send an ahelp, you could have done it much earlier in the round. The fact that you chose to wait until your little revenge spree also got you killed tells me everything I need to know about your attitude here.

Locking this. If anyone has anything relevant to add about the round in question, you can @ me on Discord.

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