Mentor Application - avimour (Siva Fata, Titrus Petrus)
Usual character name: Siva Fata, Titrus Petrus, Mandy Manson, TURTLE, Noah Deadmind
BYOND username: avimour
Discord username (if you are on our discord):
Recommended by (if applicable): Munien
Goon servers you play:
I play on 4 & 3! Sometimes on 1!
Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

I’ve been playing since September 20th of last year, and since I first picked up this game I’ve been hooked. I fell in love with the game, the community, and everything in-between! I’ve been teaching and showing people things for a very long time, and I want to be able to help & teach more people out! My favorite part of playing has always been when I've noticed someone newer wandering about and being able to help them out, or whenever someone asked me to help teach them something they don't have a full-grasp on, i.e. botany's splicing system and infusions!

I first started in science, learning everything I could in there, before moving onto other jobs. I actually made a small little note I use whenever someone asks how to find the offsets for telesci manually, and I have good knowledge of artifacts and chemistry. Often I would show new players around chemistry, how each machine operated, and show them how to make some basic chems such as potassium iodine and space drugs. I have a bit of experience with the chemicompiler and toxins as well.

The second job I fell in love with was medical. I would often teach new doctors how to easily get someone out of crit, as well as to make sure they’re speaking to the patients as well. Doing so provides each player a bit of RP that new doctors often overlook on accident. Experience wise I have probably over two months of nonstop medical experience, where I often learned new things about the chem & medical system, and passed that knowledge down to other people. I do have a good handful of experience in genetics as well as robotics.

I then moved to botany, where I feel like I currently have the most experience in. I probably spent over four months straight playing in botany, I’ve even made some edits to the wiki where it didn’t fully elaborate on some things (ie the botanical mister has the same range as the UV lights). I’ve often taught people botany’s mutation system, fertilizing the water tank, how ammonia’s better for infusing than tray chemistry, as well as how to harvest blooming lashers and how to mutate a radweed seed for white radweed. I’m always excited to teach newer players just how to grow anything really, like weed or bananas, while leaving a door open for the more complicated things like splices and infusions.

I have a decent amount of experience in engineering, though not as much as botany. I know how to safely setup a char burn, mining’s rocks, simple PDA packet hacking, and a bit of mechcomp. I’ve taught people how to setup a char burn, as well as teaching new miners the different type of rocks and how to scan to make sure they aren’t radioactive. I've also had a lot of fun teaching people how to setup Oshan's power!

I’ve just recently started playing in security, mostly as an assistant, so I’m not as experienced in that department as I wish! I have been learning from other security members and been doing my best to make sure I take account for every player involved in a situation, and knowing when to back down.
I have a bit of experience in command, mostly as a Mdir, though I would only use these roles to help support other players, either by checking in with them periodically, making sure everyone had access to what they need, or playing into another player’s diplomat bit.

Silicon is a role I love to play as, and teach people how to play as. I’ve often as a borg even taught new roboticists how to fix us up and surgery. I’ve played as every module and often would help out new players playing cyborg the controls and small things, like bolting & opening doors with keybindings! I also have a good amount of AI rounds in, one of which I used telescience to stop a conspiracy from building a singularity in escape during lowpop when we had 0 security & they weren’t willing to back down from their goal.

Antagonist roles are something I treasure when I get them. I used to never have antags on or roll them for over four months straight, and once I started rolling them I started getting used to their little mechanics. I’ve even absorbed someone as a changeling, and gave them control so they could learn how to be one, with me there to support them!

All-in-all, I have experience in probably every role, either a lot or just a little, and I’m always willing to learn more about them! I love this game and I just want to help other people learn, flourish, and fall in love with this game & community as well.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
None that I know of!
avi is nice, avi knows many things, avi sometimes lay on floor of security and chills out with others to keep things fun and stress-free

seen siva teaching hydro and sec and mandy teaching medical (and the other skeleton character you play whose name I forgot sorry 💀)

BIG +1

also you defuse in-game conflict real well soi know you have the attitude to not do anything rash or mean with mentor info and to remain patient with new players who may struggle with things
I think Avi would make a great addition to the mentor team! They are one of the kindest people I've met on goon, always happy to take the time to teach people new things help them with what they're trying to do, or just including people in gimmicks! I've seen them play a whole host of characters in different departments and know they have a great knowledge of the games systems. I know firsthand how they teach as they have helped me learn a few things and I've seen them teaching others! I think they would be a great friendly face for newcomers and older players alike as they have such a good attitude.
Huge +1 from me!!
Seen them be quite knowledgeable and more importantly - Kind and inclusive. I think Avimour would make a good mentor.
has taught me many things about roleplaying and the game in general! i can think of no one better to be a mentor
Avimor is kind hearted fair inclusive and knowledgeable about a wide variety of tactics and game issues. a hearty +1
Is always very friendly and willing to engage, avi was one of the first people to take me aside to teach me something new and that wasn't the last time. Out of round, avi's attitude and encouragement has pushed me to be more active in the community (spriting and the like) and im grateful for every moment of it. +1 from me for sure
+1, super kind and has shown me a few things! A good example of what a solid mentor should be.

Absolutely love Avi, they're so much fun to be around, helpful and engaging too.

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