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Antagonist idea:Brainbug
A rough idea of mine harkening back to the ideas of cortical borers and sentient diseases of other servers. You are a brain bug, a microscopic alien infecting a singular crewmate, you spawn in one. The first thing you notice is that you are not in the station, you are in a custom z-level representing the body. You will be able to walk around inside the body and interact with certain things, such as interacting with the eyes and looking through the crewmember you are in. Your main goal is to increase your 'spread'. You can do this by interacting with an 'evo pool', a pile of slime in the right part of the body z-level. From There you will be able to access a sort of tech tree, using spread to buy upgrades. There are three main paths you can go through in the upgrade tree, Symbiosis, Neutral, and consuming. The Consuming path involves buying upgrades that lower your hosts health, increasing your spread but causing them to go against you via the ingestion of antibiotics (upgrades can reduce the harm these do however). The symbiosis path takes longer, as the upgrades give you less spread, but give your host helpful upgrades such as increased stamina, or healing chemicals. The neutral path involves buying a combination of both paths, so its the most commonly done. Each path has their own end game,
The Neutral path ends with you hatching a player controlled larva that will wriggle its way out of the host's ear, it will look for a new host, and the cycle will complete.
The symbiosis path ends with you becoming one with your host, allowing for incredible powers such as the ability to breath anyway, resistance against damage, and the ability to come back from the dead
The consuming path ends with you taking over your hosts body, replacing their limbs with yours, and taking over their brain, killing then. You become a rampaging monster, shambling abomination esc. (Note, it is okay if you die in this state, you already won if you take over the body)
Very creative idea, I love this
I like it as a game concept but not as an antag in Space Station 13. The most fun you can have in game is interaction between yourself and the crew. You are effectively playing a game by yourself with this idea. And yes there is a blob comparison to be made there as well but at least the crew member has an effective way to interact with the blob albeit limited to hitting it.
I think the idea of a brain bug that could move hosts might be fun, especially if you could communicate with them. Perhaps the host becomes a mindslave of the bug at a certain point.
This is a really cool idea that I think could do well with work, I've already thought briefly on 'sentient disease' antags after looking at some other stations' wikis. I thought they were cool but wouldn't fit goon.

Having a mini azone of the inside of your hosts body is an incredible idea and I think that can be worked with, even if retooled for something else.

So the main issues I see are lack of real interaction with crew, your host being afk or silent/new and hosts self-antagging, even out of confusion. Personally, I think it'd work real well on RP specifically. People who see me talk already know I keep bringing up wanting an RP exclusive antag. I can think of a lot of ways this antag wouldn't work on classic at all, but with RP rules it sounds incredible.

Give them lots of ways to interact with their host in fun ways, to speak with them but also to interact with other people. Mindhacking them is a good idea, from Rmeaper. Let them ditch their host in favour of a different one if needed and dempathsise that being an actual end goal. They'd need ways to talk to others, and to become some sort of physical interactable being outside of your end shambling goal.
(08-01-2022, 04:52 AM)CalliopeSoups Wrote: Having a mini azone of the inside of your hosts body is an incredible idea and I think that can be worked with, even if retooled for something else.

Yeah these are much better ideas. I originally had an idea where if your host got antibiotics it would summon enemies for you to fight but that seems hard to code.

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