Complaint Ban complaint for overly severe punishment
Title: Jan.antilles, Goon4, July 25th 2022 at 9:15 PM EST

Admin: Jan.antilles
Server: Goon4
Date + time: July 25th 2022 at 9:15 PM EST

Synopsis: I joined the server during pregame and decided to make a joke in OOC before the game started, attached below. Without warning, I was banned shortly after, with the message stating I had been here too long to think it was ok to joke about such things.

Logs: I don't have a screenshot of the OOC message, so this ban message is all I can provide. I've added a link and attached the file because I am paranoid and dumb.

Extra information: While I agree that these off-colour jokes could be contained within Rule 4 wherein it explicitly rules out sexual content, I believe immediate permabanning with a period of 30 days before an appeal is even attemptable is far too strict for something I believe is a fringe case, especially when I've seen multiple jokes of similar nature used in OOC without consequence.

I think at least some discussion is in order before permanently banning a player, especially when I've never made comments or roleplayed in any way that could be considered sexual in nature. I had considered privately messaging the admin, however they had set their DMs to closed. I reached out to another admin and they simply referred me to the forum.

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First off, we received multiple reports about your "jokes" from players who were being made uncomfortable. I can't even begin to fathom what made you decide that aggressive sexual harassment was prime comedy material but most everyone who witnessed it didn't seem to take it as a joke and just found you to be coming off as incredibly creepy.

For our part, we have no real way of parsing your intent here on if this was a joke or if you were serious but in all honesty, it's immaterial. What you did read like and by all appearances was, you starting to try and ERP with the poor HoP. Given this is a server with minors as an active and welcomed part of our playerbase, we have zero desire to include anyone in our community who feels sexual assault ERP is simply an "off-colour joke".

As for witnessing multiple jokes of this nature in OOC, I would encourage you (should this ban ever end up being lifted) or any players reading this post to please report any such "jokes" as they have no place on our servers.

While we generally do take the time and warn players of minor rule infractions before escalating to punishments, in the case of ERP or some particular slurs, players will earn themselves an immediate and permanent ban from our servers. You were not contacted about this ban as there was not anything to discuss with you. We had all of the evidence we required and this ban was not issued as an attempt to caution you against such behavior in the future, it was issued to remove you from our servers and to keep you off them indefinitely.

As for Jan's specific conduct, in this case she acted fully in accordance with our long-standing policies around serve rule violations so unless you have some additional evidence of Jan acting in an inappropriate manner, this complaint seems to be largely without merit.

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