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Make pitcher bombs weaker
I hope this suggestion isn't disregarded as "pls nerf thing that i dislike", because pitcher bombs are incredibly strong as they are.

You know what makes bombs balanced? Loud fuse time, how heavy the item is affecting the throw length and it's general strength. Stingers, frag nades, hell even TTVs have been balanced so that you can somewhat get away from being hit in a careless targeted explosion. Pitcher bombs, on the other hand, activates on impact without as much as sound, are incredibly light and can reach about half a screen before ultimately falling to the ground and it's powerful as fuck, even on a new chemicist's hands. I don't know whether a chemgroup leaked or everyone is acknowledging it's existence just now, but there has been a spike of people using theses pitcher bombs, to the point it has become a real problem to anyone who doesn't expect to be brutally murdered in the halls.

You know how easy it is to make a really powerful pitcher bomb? Let me list a few easy chems that anyone invested into the game enough are capable of making with relative ease: Phlogiston, neurotoxin, smoke powder, CLF3, radium, unstable mutagen, sarin and the list goes on and on and on, to the point where you're most likely gonna die from all the damage you get from theses chems being inserted into you instantly.

I don't ask for you to remove pitcher bombs completely, I just ask for you to properly make it weak enough so it doesn't become a viable meta that anyone can do within the first few 5 minutes of the game.
Firstly, i haven't seen an increase in their use.

Secondly, chemnades that not explicitely explode are not particular strong in general. Most sec, science or nukie gear got tons of chem resist and most non-burning chems you quoted are more or less highly mitigated by internals and not standing in the cloud (except sarin or ClF3, but both have big warning signs when they are created)

In fact, we currently are lacking accessible and effective weaponry in the 5min timespan. When a nukie bomb is armed, a blob or rev round is quick on its toes most classes of weapons take far too long to make for any effect. Pitcher bombs, like flamethrowers, zip guns or slamguns, serve a valuable purpose in these situations.
Yeah, i've been seeing this a lot on bombini, where there are usually only about 2 or 3 antags, making a single scientist stronger than all antags combined.

I've had so many exciting shifts fighting antags ruined by a single scientist who decides to lob a single glass at them, almost instantly disarming the antag, critting them, all while they have almost no way of fighting back. 

They are pretty much an instant way to kill any antag with very little time or input required, whereas something similar like seething tomatoes takes way longer to make, and grenades are a lot more obvious when activated and also a lot rarer, and even these aren't usually that dangerous to antags who know how to deal with them.
Coders are currently working on a Poison & Purgatives rework, which includes pitchers and pills.

Consider checking the pins and voicing your concerns there!

("Poison & Purgatives" #imcoder thread)
i think there's merit to making beakers splash their reagents in an area, and making fluid reactions scale based on volume covered. both covers the insanity of an instant 120 unit reaction and also grants what propellant used to do (but in an area reasonable enough to justify not having to duplicate reagents)

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