Complaint Mods seem too trigger-happy
So I had just got my friend into SS13 and had him read the rules, we were playing for about two days until my friend decided to kill an AFK guy. About 2 minutes after Grifflez had sent a dm to my friend telling him he cant do that, my friend has tried to defend himself saying the guy was afk, he was going to clone him after, ETC. We are both fairly new, and in our 2 days of playing we had been killed repeatedly ourselves by people who were not traitors, (example a guy in botonny stabbed us to death because he was "too high") So us both being fairly inexperienced, we assumed that the rules for killing were just relaxed. So after my friend had tried defending himself, Grifflez just said something akin to "bye" and my friend was permbanned from the server. We tried contacting him through the discord and in a couple of messages we were both permbanned from the discord server. Note that their were no warnings and no other actions aside from an instant permban. We both understand that what my friend did was shitty, we'll apologize to the guy we killed, but being permbanned for a first offense? Seems kind of excessive.
Since this is about me in the first 'paragraph' I'll respond:

1. Your friend did not "defend" himself when I adminPM'd. He gave a flippant response when asked why he was breaking the rules and was punished for it.

2. You did not try to 'contact' me through Discord. I warned your friend we do not discuss bans on the discord and I warned you to stop asking questions about their ban (edit: I also told you both to stop pinging me about the matter) as we do not discuss bans with other players. Neither of you could follow these incredibly simple instructions and were punished.

Misrepresenting your situation won't help as every administrator can see what the others are doing, you doofus.

Also in response to your "we assumed the rules for killing were just relaxed" reason: This is also no excuse, because not knowing the rules is not an excuse to not follow them. That's on a big red banner on the page about our rules and it's the third or forth line of text you see every time you connect to our servers. The onus is on you and your friend to read and follow them or else simply not play here.
1. Defending yourself or giving a "flippant response" depends on whos asking, you would brush of his response as a flippant response while he would probably say it was a defense

2. I did contact you through discord I @d you in one of the channels. After you said I would be banned for discussing his ban, I promptly stopped asking questions regarding his ban. Instead I asked if you were allowed to permban people as a first offense because I was genuinely confused how one could get the worst possible punishment for a first offense. you decided to take this as me furthering the ban argument, and proceeded to ban me.

Furthermore, you completed missed the point of the complaint, I was complaining that we didnt get a warn or any other form of punishment, I would have taken a kick, a warn, or even a few day long ban, but instead you jump straight to a permban, for something that (or I have observed) is quite the common occurrence on the server.
You've just responded to my point about not misrepresenting your situation by misrepresenting your situation again.

This complaint boils down to your friend apparently lying to you about what got them banned and you expecting special treatment for behavior we wouldn't tolerate from any other player, new or old.

I suspect nothing of value will be gained by entertaining this complaint any longer, so I will close it.

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