Telareti(Gael/Puck/Cheesesteak) Mentor App!
Usual character name: Puck/Gael/Cheesesteak
BYOND username: Telareti
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Telareti

Recommended by (if applicable): NapsWasTaken
Goon servers you play: Mainly RP such as 3 and 4

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing goon for a while now and one thing that I always enjoy doing is teaching people things, new players, old players, its always fun just seeing someone learn a new mechanic and start becoming very effective at that job or mechanic, its always a satisfying feeling and makes me happy to see someone who at one point may have joined goon having no idea on what to do, to then getting taught things and learning and enjoying goon even more to then become part of the community! I feel that teaching someone can have a giant butterfly effect, a person could feel very lonely and have no idea on what to do when first joining I know I sure did hehe but getting the proper support and help and learning their first job puts them on the path to learn and enjoy more! i really enjoy helping people and seeing those people grow as players themselves. by becoming a Mentor i would have more tools to be able to aid people who need support and those who need a lil bit of help to put them in the right direction of learning the basics and eventually being able to learn a whole job!

When i first started myself I was very confused on many things and also just on my own a lot watching all the big brain people run by. my first Job was robotics which is when I first started talking with people and making friends and being taught things! it was because of these friends and support that I enjoyed and learnt so much, Naps being one of those people taught me a lot of the game i know now and many different sectors of the game, which at one point i would look at and my brain would explode even imagining trying to do that heheh. having mentors when starting, people who can explain things and help show you the basics and eventually help you learn an entire job is very helpful with motivating you to play more and learn more and improves the enjoyment of game, which is why Mentors have such a large impact and help lots of players get into the game. 

Now in terms of my knowledge, for a long while i only really knew science and security but in these recent Months I've learnt more and more with the help of Mentors and great teachers! things such as medbay, gene, engineering, botany, rancher, silicon.

Starting with Science, i know how to do artlab and telesci, I've taught these things a lot, with Artlab i often write a note (in game) with the main commands and give them to the person, then get them to type the commands themselves and i tell them to ask any questions and i go into detail about what the commands do. for pretty much every job i prefer teaching people in a way where they do it in real time, rather then me telling them and doing it myself while they watch, i prefer to guide them and get them to do it, like with Artlab i tell them the command then ask them to type it, another example is with Gene i will Jump inside the tube and tell the person the basics of what each thing does and tell them to experiment and ask any questions they have. 

often times i find people learn better when actually taking part and doing it themselves, over being told and having it done for them, for me personally too, when being taught stuff this way, when you end up doing it again but on your own, you can remember what you did last time, a memorable example i have is when i taught someone artlab term and how to unlock the artifacts, they at first it took a bit of trial and error but eventually i guided them to unlocking their first artifact and then after i reset the terminal and told them to unlock the next one on their own and ask any question they needed and i would help anytime they got stuck and by the end of the round they unlocked about 12 artifacts without my help, seeing them go from not knowing how to work artlab and at first struggling to unlock one artifact, to then go to unlocking 12 on their own made me super happy and seeing them get excited when they first started unlocking the artifacts without any help made the round for me! lastly when teaching i always try be polite and explain things clearly and at the right time, explaining everything at once can overload a person with info, so i often like to explain things as we get to them and or if they ask, i like to answer any question to help solidify the knowledge in their head! being polite is fundamental i feel when teaching someone, if a person feels you are being rude or putting yourself over them, it can be really demotivating, so i often like to maintain a friendly and equal level when talking with a person!

back to different jobs, other than artlab, with chem i know how to make a decent amount of chems that are used such as synth and medical ones and cryo and pryo for use in artlab, when showing people chem i often say what to add or show them once, then get them to do it after, an example is when i make cryo, i take it slowly so they can see each chem i add, then i clear the beaker so they can get the hang of it.

Going to security i have played a lot of it and have a large amount of knowledge in it, when playing HoS or security in general i often say over radio something like "If anyone has any questions or need help, or want to know how security works or how the sec term works just say" ive spent rounds teaching people the basics such as how to ticket! how to use secmate and then as they advance, i start explaining brig times and detaining crimelords, which is one of the harder things to teach because a lot of it is situational so i normally try to make it simple "like respond to the crimelords with the force they have given, if someone is not running and just talking, talk back and try to do things peacefully first, but if someone is shotting at you, shot back" with things like brig times i often say ooc to try to handle things in a way that is fair and fun for everyone, dont insta kill the bad people! but dont let them get away with crimes because its your job to stop them, each brig and arrest can be based a lot on context.

engineering is the next one, this is the more recent one ive learnt my knowledge with the TEG isnt great at all But i know Singlo and Ocean, tbh ocean is my fave hehe. Recently ive taught people how to get hotspots and work the engin on ocean and often times what i do, like with most other things is tell them what to grab, and explain what it does so for an example, i often explain things as its happening and in real time instead of all at once as to not overload them with info, so for the start i will say what to grab, then when we leave the station first i say "Oki now use the rod, what we want to do is find a hotspot, the lower the number is to 0  the closer you are getting, when it beeps you found it!" then i guide them while at the same time letting them use the rod themselves to get familiar with it and how it works, once we find a hotspot i tell them to stomper it and then show them how to build a vent and hook it up to the engin. after i ask "did you get all that? do you have anymore questions?" once their sorted we work on getting a second hotspot but this time i watch and speak only when they have questions or get stuck and with each time ive don't this recently they manage to hook the second hotspot all on their own! back to my overall engin sector knowledge though i know how to repair most things now as engineer and also love making Interdictors which i often don't see people make much, i've had funny convos with players and even long time players who are like "Whats that do!?" after i explain they are sometimes surprised that their not used more heheh, with other engineering sectors, i am not tooo big brain with mech right now other than scanning items but hope to learn more sooon, Mining i also recently learnt and got into which has been fun, lastly QM i am somewhat knowledgeable and know the basics but not all the big brain methods to make money.

With Civil and Silicon jobs nexts i know a decent amount, Janitor, Bartender, Chef, Rancher, and Botanist. with these jobs i teach people the basics a lot of the time then link the wiki for things so they can see all the fun things they can make, like plants for Botany, different Chimkens for Rancher and different food/drinks, very very recently i also started Playing silicon as Cheesesteak which has been really enjoyable and i have built up good amount of knowledge for silicon now and really enjoy it, Silicon has been a useful job too for teaching people!

Lastly Medical, I have a good amount of knowledge in robotics and have had times where i show people how to make their first borg or do their first surgery! i have have a okay amount of knowledge in doctor now and knowing what chems are needed for the main things that people come to medbay for, Lastly gene which has become one of my favourite jobs Recently, and i've had some fun moments teaching gene and i am experienced in it now!

Overaall this has ended up being super long oops hehe but i feel i have reached a point now with my knowledge where i might actually be useful heheh, and helping people and teaching people has always been something i enjoy with Goon! sometimes i enjoy teaching people the Job more than doing the job, seeing a person get super happy and glad once they have reached the point where they can effectively do a job or know how to handle a mechanic is always something i enjoy seeing. if i am able to become a Mentor, having Mentor tools to help encourage and teach players will help a lot and help with teaching those people that sometimes i can't always see, it will also help me boast my own knowledge with things i don't quite know yet which will help me be a more effective mentor! Thanks for reading!  bee

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

A 24 hour Ban once

Telareti is quite knowledgeable in the roles he plays, and in addition to helping me learn some things regarding the engine and genetics, I've also seen him help newer players frequently. He always makes it clear - particularly in security - that he is available if anyone has any questions for him. He is both very friendly and inclusive, and I think that he would make an excellent mentor!
An absolute yes from me. I've seen him teach new players, notably myself a few months ago. He is also always friendly, calm and is always leading people to some good interactions, both as antag and crew.
+1 tela is probably one of the most friendly and levelheaded people I've met while here. I see them teaching all the time, mostly in science with brand new players and getting them involved in experiments and testing
+1, absolutely.

Tela is one of my favourite people to interact with on the Server and out of the Server. They're super friendly and really approachable, and I've seen them teach a lot of newer players and provide them with a lot of fun interactions with his characters. They have a really good head on their shoulders, and probably some of the most enjoyable and engaging Antagonist rounds, in my opinion.

Fun, helpful, and endlessly friendly.
Never had anything but a positive experience. And certainly seen them gleefully help folks.

Goes out of their way to make things fun for everyone when an antag too, which always strikes me as one of those things that points at a great personality.

Easy recommendation. They'll fit in well with the purple stinkmice, both in personality, and due to the stinkiness!
Lovely person to be around on the roleplay servers, absolutely!
the most solid +1 I can possibly give. tela is very friendly, kind, and welcoming, and I have no doubts they'll be patient and helpful with anyone who needs the help that mentors are here to provide
Telareti is an exceedingly friendly and knowledgeable player who always places emphasis on creating a welcoming environment for newer players. Without exception, they present themselves as approachable ingame, and offer to take newer players under their wing in order to familiarise them with both the basic and more advanced mechanics of each department, of which Tela has a wealth of knowledge of.

Telareti would be an outstanding addition to the Mentor team,
absolute +1. Tela is and amazingly kind and friendly to players new and old alike. They are incredibly approachable and are always be willing to include anyone in any RP or learning experiences (especially in Sec and Science where I have seen them the most!) They have a great knowledge of the games systems, and a fantastic attitude. Consistently a positive and welcoming person to interact with in-game and on the Discord, I think they'd make a perfect addition to the mentor team.
All that must be said has been said.

There's not much more I can say about Telareti  that hasn't been already. Fun, engaging, wonderful RPer, and many times I've seen them helping folks out in multiple areas. I've had many memorable rounds with them, mostly with them having a great story play out while me as sec trying to stop them!

One thing I can say that hasn't been is Telareti is someone that tends to put RP and story first (even if it's disadvantageous to their character), but is never forceful in RP. I remember when I was a pretty new player, and Telareti was running an antag gimmick I wasn't comfortable with doing, only reason being because I wasn't quite sure how to play it out RP wise. They were respectful and and understanding, and just by me watching, I got to watch that little story play out, which helped me get some foundation for how I RP today!

Telareti would be nothing but an asset to the community in this role. Huge +1 from me!
Telareti has been enthusiastically teaching both new and old players for as long as I've known them. They're patient, kind and always willing to help people out. They'll do great on the mentor team for sure.
+1, most things i could say have already been said by other people already.
Kind engaging player, pleasure to RP with and very knowledgeable, definite +1

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