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[MERGED PR] Adds a new traitor item for mime: poisoned rose
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About the PR
Adds a 4TC mime specific traitor item: a rose that when held to someone's face mutes them for 40 seconds and adds a small amount of capulettium to their system (just enough to knock them out briefly).
If used on a mime it adds capulettium plus instead and gives them pseudonecrosis for a short time to allow for dramatic fake deaths.
The effect is blocked by wearing a helmet and will not reapply capulettium if the target already has it in their system or is incapacitated.
The effect also activates when someone pricks themselves trying to pick up the rose without gloves on.
Also adds the ability to hold roses in general to someone's face to let them smell the rose.
Balance may be completely off, let me know what you think/if this is just a very bad idea.

Why's this needed?
Mime has no traitor items due to being a latejoin role and is a latejoin role because (among other things) it has no traitor items. Let's fix that.
When I googled mime half of them were holding roses so it seems to be a thing, and a poisoned rose seems very theatrical.
Also it's not mime magic yay.

(*)Added a new traitor item for mimes: a poisoned rose.
(+)The poisoned rose temporarily mutes anyone who smells it and adds a small amount of capulettium to their system.


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