Head of Security Application for Bluejet9909
Usual Character Name: Max Ryan Wren
BYOND username: Bluejet9909
Discord username: Bluejet9909 #6202
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300 word minimum
a security officer every now and again and every time that I am, I am appreciative of the HoS keeping the department on task and not going full 1984 on the station. I try to stay within the rules and laws of security and I am not pure evil to the criminals, I treat them with dignity and understanding to a degree. The reason I am applying for this is I see abuses of strength by the security force sometimes. On both sides of the coin security and not I see officers beating on people for no reason, acting extremely selfishly, using their standing as a security officer to leverage items, and just plain murder. I have a ridged set of morals that I will not break. If a antag such as a Wolf or Vampire has been good and wants to work with us I will keep an eye on them but I will trust them. I do not execute traitors, unless they do something unforgivable like multiple murders that make cloning or borging impossible as that ruins the rounds of the victims, and it is a form of closure for them. When dealing with nukies, blobs, flockmind, and that golden death ship I assist the wounded and try to keep people alive and I do not hesitate in sacrificing my own life to at least assist in the fight. My goal as HoS would be to keep the Security department on the side of the law and have people enjoy their rounds because I know how it feels to be tormented by an over the line sec officer when they are not an antag. I would make sure the prisoners got fair sentencing, that over the line officers are handled correctly, and making sure the round you have is fun for everyone. Oh and one last thing, I will protect Heisenbee with my heart, soul, mind and body until I am killed. Thanks for reading this. 

Advice for Sec teams: I know it's hard to give antags a chance but they can change. I have had fun with and being a kind vampire, or a good boy werewolf or a cool wizard as well as defecting traitors, just keep an open mind to it because you could have a great time.

One of my favorite moments as a sec officer: It was actually a detective round where I was also a werewolf. I showed all of the sec officers and they were chill with it. I had a can full of organs that roboticists gave us for healing and I used my wolfy powers to keep the station safe and I even managed to kill a ling with the department. And yes I got lots of pats.

Playstyle when full or alone: So when it is full I hang back with the lesser offenses but when I hear about a hostile antag I try to be of any assistance I can be. With a full team I take more time to interact with the crew and to help sort out the smaller issues. When I am alone in sec I try to recruit some crew as a temporary security force, I usually head to cargo or the bar and find people I think I can trust till more sec forces come or the Shuttle arrives.

A gimmick I would love to run is trying to make a peace treaty with the nukies. As a nukie me and others have tried for peace but a trigger happy sec assistant, or a juiced up nukie ruins it. I would love to attempt to broker a peace and maybe finally get the pizza I order half the time I am a nukie. 
Previous bans: I was temporarily banned twice for a week then I got a perma ban for saying a stupid joke, but ever since then I have gone clean
  bee bee  Sleeping bee
Hello Max, ive seen you play before your level headed and a decent player +1
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to lack of community feedback. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days!

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