Feedback I feel i was wrongfully banned (Slartibart Fast)
I was playing on goon 1 as a scientist, i decided to play in toxins and make a lot of ttvs. However i got bored after making 3. After that i took the bombs with me into chemistry and started playing normal goon chemist, making floorpills and so on. I left the ttvs on the table while i worked. But a guy in a football suit came in and took off with 2 of them. I chased him into the research hangar where i told him i can remotely detonate the bombs. He gave me one but didnt want to give the other so i let him have it, not a good idea on my side though. After that i chilled in chemistry, making even more random chemicals for a fire elemental who requested thermite. I then heard a shark and it came up and gibbed me. In that moment i got banned by admin flappybat and was given a reason saying "You have 394 rounds played and you set off a 90 power transfer bomb in the cargo dock. I shouldnt tell you not to do this."  I know the ban only lasts for 6 hours and i can certainly take a break but stuff like this bugs me. I never left the research/medbay wing for the entire time i was playing so there is no possibility i could have been there to throw a ttv. The only other player that could have possibly had something to do with this was the guy in the football suit, and i regret that i let him off with the ttv.

The final question now is why? Why was i making ttvs? Well i love learning about the game and science is one of my favorite departments for this reason. I picked up on artlab, chemistry and now i wanna learn toxins. However i also like goofing around sometimes and this round was a way for me to do so. I basically made the ttvs to look as suspicious as possible as i find it somewhat comedic to talk to a security guard asking where cloning is with 2 ttvs in my hand and one on my back, where i have no intention to actually bomb cloning, rather to get scanned.

In conclusion i hope you can see what i'm saying and i would love to get feedback on my own about what the rules say about all this.
You are responsible for bombs you create, science can't just go around making TTVs and going "Whoops I have it away not my responsibility wink "
Don't make bombs and give them out to random people.
EDIT: Don't post in Admin Feedback threads that do not involve you.

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