Feedback The ban system in ss13
For example when i started ss13 i got warnings and bans (alot of em) and i know its my fault for breaking the rules but at the start i was having problems with that. So when i nowadays break the rules i get judged by them and get no warnings (just a straight up ban) and if i say something thats considered ableist or kill someone and the admins think they didnt deserve it my next ban is going to be perma. Why is there no system to start fresh except for those guides on yt that just go around the ban system. I think it is way too strict for a game to ban members this easily and suggest like a one time chance for people to start again without their history affecting their current games.

I know breaking the rules is of course punishable, i just think it should be more forgiving since calling a person for being rude or verbally abusive pussy could result in someone getting permabanned.

It's just if someones been playing goon for a long time I think the damage someone suffers from being called pussy is miniscule to someone getting perma banned from their favorite game. Of course hate speech is hate speech but no one is going to be mad for a long time or suffer permanent damage after a verbal fight on a videogame even if it contains words like pussy
It's not really true that there is no way to start fresh. The importance of warnings we issue wears off over time. If a certain note/ban dates back to behaviour from, say, more than a year ago, and the person has been regularly playing the game since then, it's probably going to be disregarded next time a rule violation happens. We've had multiple players who got warned/banned for their behaviour a couple times in their early days and still turned out to be fine members of the community in the long run, some of them eventually becoming admins/mentors. However: If someone was repeatedly breaking the rules over a short period of time, like, a few months, the punishments are likely going to be more harsh over time too.

That being said, let's take a look at you: your first warning was issued on 27th of May, 2022. Since then, you've earned 10+ notes/bans for your behaviour. That's more than an average person earns in their whole few-year period of playing the game. So I don't really know what you expect here. If you want to start fresh, you're gonna need to try to keep your record clean for more than a few weeks first.
its really not an issue of whether calling someone a word hurts them or not, its do we think you are willing to follow the rules, and are you making the server worse for everyone else, to the point that we need to remove you. it takes more than saying some words to catch a permaban.

ss13 server staff have been dealing with people evading bans and notes for a long time, there are a lot of systems in place to keep track of players' attempts to get around all that. that doesn't mean there's no way to get a fresh start, it's easy. all anyone has to do to get away from a bad reputation is stop breaking the same rules over and over.
as a former shitter with a significant rap sheet i think the best advice i can give for you is: if you're really repentant and enjoy, you have to really communicate that. be polite, demonstrate that it's how you really feel and not a series of performative gestures because you think it's what that particular admin wants to see/hear at that particular moment in time to get you out of hot water. i've eaten my fair share of bans in the past and because i really valued playing here and enjoyed the community, i decided to quit being such a shithead.
For what it's worth you have admins, mentors and HoS players with bans and negative notes.

Yes, if you get banned for something serious it's not likely you are going to get a thumbs up for mos/mentor/admin any time soon but once a note is 1-2 years old it's usually irrelevant UNLESS you are picking up notes for the same/similarly bad thing. If you manage to play an extended period with only minor issues then we don't really care.

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