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Head of Sanitation Zooblar! Skrippus
[Image: zooblar-10-07-21.png]

[Image: zooblar-07-02-22.png]

Zooblar! (Sarah) Skrippus
Age: 30
Height: 182.4cm
Weight: Immeasurable
Blood Type: A+
Hair: Blonde (Dyed)
Eyes: Brown

Background: Born Sarah Skrippus, She was the daughter of two mid level executives within Nanotrasen, who were killed in a terrorist attack on a station that the Syndicate claimed credit for, Sarah was not particularly close to either of her parents, growing up on earth, she was mostly raised by the staff at her mansion, but with their deaths came the revelation that her father had made some very shady deals that fell through, leaving the estate, and her, bankrupt. She managed to pull herself out of the financial hole, but she was still left with nothing. An aspiring artist, she realised that she'd need something more concrete to get herself back on track, she signed up with Nanotrasen using some old contacts to expedite her path to employment, once on-station she tried a few odd jobs, until she realised the most important job on the station, Sanitation.

She put everything she had into it, working as hard as she could, she realised that working hard alone wasn't going to cut it, so she decided to try and market herself better, she changed her name to something more unique, something that would stand out, she chose Zooblar! (An ancient cry of jubilation) as her new name, and devoted herself to becoming the greatest janitor possible, approaching her work with a high level of professionalism, other than her iconic Party Princess dress, which is one of her most noticeable features during work hours.

Personality: Zooblar! comes across a bit standoffish, a little cold, a bit awkward, she genuinely cares about all of her crewmates, but her upbringing did not equip her with the greatest social skills, she's a bit of a loner. She loves encouraging the people she meets, and she always makes sure to wish them good luck "Because I believe in your ability to do it, luck is the one thing you can't control"

She has a bit of a temper, especially when it comes to people hurting the station or the people on it, she has been known to get a little rude at times. Often regretting it once she cools down.

Zooblar! possibly has a bit too much love for herself, her apartment is covered in photos and drawings of herself, she believes herself to be one of the hardest working people on the station, and she wants nothing more than to land some kind of brand deal or to get a big statue of herself, she is very vain, incidents in the past where her looks have been changed, or her voice has been changed against her will, or even just her hair colour getting changed have affected her very badly until the issue was fixed.

Medical Notes: Suffers from Adult ADHD and OCD, likes to keep herself busy to manage them, physically fit but tends to over-exert herself, leading to long term injuries, diet could be better, she drinks much more Lime-Aid than is recommended during shifts.

Security Notes: Zooblar! Has a fairly clean record, only a few arrests across years of employment. she has recieved several warnings for using company networks to upload provocative art she has drawn, mostly of herself, but has promised to keep that confined to home. Has a history of cooperating with the security team and can generally be trusted to be on the level.

Awards and Achievements:
Has been at the top of the janitor shift workload leaderboards for over a year and a half now, was the first to break six digits of score.
Recieved an award for "Most consistent employee"
A really good read! You should come up with little stories of fun messes Zoobar! had to clean up.
(08-19-2022, 03:36 AM)Bigbro175 Wrote: A really good read! You should come up with little stories of fun messes Zoobar! had to clean up.

Aaaa, thankyou! I'll try remember some~

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