Mentor Application - Blahowsky
Usual character name: Bobby Bobowski, Berry Bobowski, HydroBot/Bio Hydro/hAIdro
BYOND username: Blahowsky
Discord username (if you are on our discord):
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Morty or Sylvester         

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
Well, I kind of wanted to put this app in a few months back, but my life got a bit bumpy and then got banned for something that was going on for well over a month honestly. There’s no one to blame but me of course.  I have finished techschool back in may, so it’s been slowly getting better. I feel like during the time I spent here on goon, which will be a little over a year now I think, I joined around march last year, I have met a lot of great people and had some great, and not so great experiences, but experience is experience. So, I want to apply for mentor because I’d like to be able to help out beginner people with questions they might ask, I have had occasions where I’d explain a game mechanic or how to do something in LOOC or IC and it’s just the greatest feeling when someone thanks you for your help. I feel like I would be able to help more people out if I was a mentor, though maybe not with too complicated stuff as there are some game mechanics I barely scratched.

Antagonist: Well antags that are not on RP I have barely any knowledge about besides the fact that I know they are there, as for those that do exist on RP, the one’s I have the most experience would probably be changeling and vamp, I probably have had the most fun with those two, traitor and some of their gear still eludes me but I think I got a pretty good grasp on them.

Silicon: I used to play AI a lot but now it’s a rare pick for me as I tend to often have to cryo during a round because of IRL stuff, I’ve been playing a lot of borg through the last half a year, and I think I’ve got a good grasp on the silicon laws, how they work, how cyborgs, their modules and upgrades work and just how to build a cyborg be it a heavy chonker or a light parts on treads lightning kinda borg.

Medical: I know most of the chemicals in the nanomed and barely any medical chems that can be made through the chemical dispenser. As for surgery, well, I usually just have a wiki page for surgery open, the only procedures I can remember off the top of my head is appendix, brain, and cutting off limbs J. As for robotics I just like to make a bunch of different borgos or bother mining for materials for better power cells and upgrades for borgos. I play geneticist rarely and it took me embarrassingly long to understand how to obtain chromosomes, I know how to do basic stuff with it, not much about what each speech gene is or what genes to combine to get a specific gene.

Engineering: I gotta say I quite enjoy engineering, I know fairly well how to set up a regular burn for the TEG and not make it explode (much) and plating the teg for more power. No idea what the funny numbers on the engine console mean, but at least I can set the SMESes alright hah. I tried using molitz B like, once or twice but I never figured out how to properly use it. As for the singulo, I used to know how to do it when Manta was still in rotation but now whenever I set up a singulo which is very rare, it goes loose, so don’t ask me how to do it :P From engineering jobs QM is probably my favourite, just chilling in cargo flipping crates and making the budget go up, something satisfying about it, I know how to use the mulebot and mostly what you can order from the QM console how to unclog the belts, hack the crates that mining “usually” sends down to cargo etc. Mining for me is a very much a chill out job out of station, it’s really easy to get into but there’s plenty to master here with different tools you can make to make your life easier. I actually know the different material properties quite well, except when it comes to the nano crucible (I think that’s what it’s called?)know how to make an electrum bar, I learned this from someone a long while ago, aaand that’s about it. Mechanics is definitely on the low side for me, I know how to set up a basic teleport system around the station, never really messed much with the different components, oh and don’t even ask me about packets and packet hacking, I got zero clue how that works. I like to build out new parts of the station, like the little space holes inside and make them into rooms, which is pretty simple and nice I think. I use the floor planner a lot to help with that.

Science: This department is the one I know the least about, pretty much the only thing I know fairly alright is how to do artlab, kinda remember what lines to use in the console to activate the different machines and set parameters and what kinds of artifacts are there and the methods on how to activate them and sell them. As for telesci and chemistry, barely ever touched these. No idea how to set the teleporter without an external calculator, and chemistry just never really spoke to me.

Security: This was my favourite department when I applied for HoS and it’s definitely still up there for me. I think through the year I was here I understand fairly well all the different gripes and quirks of security. My experience is mostly how to interact with people and with antags as sec on RP servers and to know when to let someone go and when to sit someone down in the back and beat them to death with 4 harmbatons execute someone. I personally am definitely on the more soft hearted side but I think I’ve been doing fairly alright. I know how to work through the sec console, find prints, how security tools work and how to use them, I will have to say that I definitely use space law as a fairly good guide on how to set times for a crimer, though I’ve been trying to just kind of wing it and feel it out with the times for the brig. I enjoy doing training with newbie sec people, it's a fun experience like I said at the start where you see someone understand and learn more and more as you go on, maybe they'll catch on and stick around, who knows.

Civilian: Out of all the jobs in the civilian department, janitor is totally up top for me, mopping and spraying all those blood stains, there’s something satisfying about it. I actually like bartending even though I don’t know chemistry, I think that’s because it’s a very social job, I don’t really remember many drink recipes off the top of my head, wiki page open for food and drinks, but I think I’m fairly good at adding the little stuff to the glasses, with wedges, umbrellas, shaking the shaker a hundred times, spilling everything on the floor and slowly putting it all in a glass for a customer to drink happily hah. I do like playing chef a bit too, I know how to make different kinds of cakes, or at least help guide how to make the different stuff with how to make differently coloured cakes as I think the wiki doesn’t quite well explain the steps. I do like to make other food too and I know how to fairly consistently spike the monkey without having to use the blindfold :P Botany is rather down for me, I know how to do some basic splicing and infusing to get better goods. I pretty rarely play chaplain.

Command: As for everyone except hop and captain I just play it like the regular job but now with some responsibility in mind and coming on the command radio every so often, as for HoP and captain, I don’t play these roles a whole lot, but if I do I tend to take them somewhat seriously, trying to keep the station running without exploding, much :p

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I think it was around midway through February 2022, I got banned for skirting and crossing rule 4, mainly the part about sexual content. Kissing, cuddling, spooning, that sort of stuff.

Thank you for reading my application.
+1 from me. blahowsky has been more than willing to try and help in a variety of areas and is regularly friendly with all crew in any role they're in. I've seen them team up with other antags to help assist them in accomplishing some really big goals and cool moments as Berry; I know Bobby teaches frequently in sec as a hos and often spends time in-the-department, dually at the desk to assist any new officers that may not be out for patrolling yet and to answer questions from anyone coming up to the department; and I've had Bio Hydro help me and others a lot in medical with tough recoveries and the basics alike.

I think Blahowsky would be a very approachable addition to the mentor team. Has a wonderfully calm but enthusiastic personality.
Blahowsky always has a good attitude, knows their stuff across many departments, and I've often seen them teaching people new and old alike learn new things or just helping out, especially in security where I've probably seen them the most. They are also usually pretty active in the discord and have always been a friendly face.

Think they'd make a great addition. + 1 from me
I've seen bobby around for a long time and I've seen them teach new players about security and they know what they are doing. All around good player, However I'm concerned about your history. I personally feel very uncomfortable with that sort of behavior but it should be fine as long as it doesn't happen again.

All the times I've seen him doing cool things and he's not a mentor yet? +1 from me. A very good and nice officer/HoS player, creative and helpful.
I remember when Bobby Bobowski had a white afro and spoke with a Finnish accent... Good times...

Over the past year I think I've been playing rounds with you, I've seen a lot of growth from you. You have come to be someone I really enjoy seeing in rounds and on Discord. Your attitude is very pleasant, and you definitely know your stuff about a lot of different areas of the game. I've seen you actively teaching a lot, primarily within Security, and you're always willing to help others learn and to have a good experience.

broccoli boy

Majority of my experience with Bobby has been in security, and they've always been a welcoming presence. Patient, knowledgeable, and quite helpful in all areas. I've witnessed them always offering help and guidance to the team, and they're always willing to take some time to explain the finer points and details for any questions the team might have. I always enjoy seeing them on the team and in the round in general. +1
Blahowsky has good knowledge about the game and is a nice, chill person. They do well when teaching new officers in security and I'm sure they'll do equally as well teaching players.
+1 from me. Much like Naps said, they know the game and i've often seen them get new officers aquainted with the job, that's the kind of mentality we need for mentors.
Brocolli boy, brilliant HoS/Sec player, and a touch of Bewwy Bobowski.

Most of my experience with you is as HydroBot and it was really nice! It was right when I first began and you showed me the basics of medical.

so of course! +1
How are you possibly not a mentor. You're the sweetest of pies. Knowledgable friendly and gameplay and gimmick enabling. +1
You've always given me those mentor vibes and you're pretty friendly.

Like others here, I'm surprised to find Blahowsky isn't already a mentor.


I will +1/2, because I know they absolutely have the temperament to be a Mentor. They are a sweet and helpful cinnamon roll.

I just mostly have no good idea if they have the skills-to-pay-the-stinky-bills half.
They seem to know their stuff as Hydro, in Medbay. They ABSOLUTELY know their stuff in Sec as Bobby or Berry.
I just tend to mostly run into them in that capacity and can't talk on other topics. They might be massively robust in other places, I just don't know, so can't really offer the other 1/2 without talking out of my derriere. So I'll leave that to others!

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