Complaint Captainbravo
Title: Punishment way too overkill.

Admin: Banning, deciding on the punishment?

Server:  Goonstation 1 Classic: Heisenbee

Date + time: 12:00-12:10

Synopsis: I've been playing on the server before the incident and just going along with the flow, with a bit of RP here and there. Overall just having fun with other players, no trolling or anything, just antag stuff and all that. The first time I said what I supposedly got banned for I received no warning whatsoever. Then in another round I was joking with other players about a wizard staff comparing it to a penis. I got warned for that so I refrained from doing it at that point. Then two rounds later without any issues, I got permabanned without a warning? I do not remember the rule enforcing being this harsh.

Logs: Sadly I did not even get to capture much, this is the only thing I can provide

Extra information:

 The Ban message feels really hostile and it seems to me the admin had an ulterior motive other than me possibly breaking the rules? If I had gotten a warning the first time I would have apologized, but outright permabanning a player two hours after the incident?

I've been playing on Goon for quite some time before and now I came back to the game. 


Despite a few mishaps of mine, I always brought quality RP to the community and other players on all of the servers. Even during the day of the incident, I had some nice interactions with others. So I feel the form of punishment was a bit overkill? Back a year or two the admins always were chill and I resolved any issues I had with them by agreement. So therefore it made me really surprised that this is the course of action the admin listed took.

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Hello. Thank you for the feedback. I'm not sure what caused you to think that it's acceptable to ever mention rape after being told multiple times prior to knock off your bad language and read the rules, but you are in fact correct. I do have an ulterior motive.

My motive is that you go away and stop exposing people to your garbage use of language. Since you don't seem to understand or care that rule 4 is the one with underlined text in it on our rules page that says "Bigotry and sexual content is a non-negotiable hard 'no'," please kindly go away and stop playing on our servers.

Thank you for your time.
I do not recall being told multiple times prior?
Atleast not recently?

Anyways. Everyday life must be horrible for you, having to spend time in a real world where there are no filters, I really feel for you, must be horrifying.

Tell you what. Atleast I won't have to waste my time on this game no more. Suppose it's better to go back to living my life.
Atleast I got to enjoy the game before it turned into what it is now.

I mean 120 and 90 minute rounds? And you probably play atleast five a day. What a fool I was to waste my time on this back then.

I wish you happy next 10 years of wasting your time on all of this, instead of actually doing something useful and beneficial for yourself, your family and others who are close to you.

thanks for reminding me that I shouldn't waste my time and youth on videogames.

Sincerely, me.
ADMIN EDIT: Do not necro literally every thread you can find about an admin you're mad at.

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