HoS Application
Usual character name: Beau Cox, Lawrence Cox

BYOND username:0rwell
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Orwell

Recommended by (if applicable):

Goon servers you play:

Goon 3, Occasionally 4, rarely 1&2

Reason for application: I want to teach new security players how to play the game, and I want to take my security gameplay to the next level. In my experience, the HoS is the thing that turns the security team from a mild annoyance to a genuinely dangerous threat if your playing an antag. To be able to rally a security team like that would be awesome, not to mention incredibly fun. Also I get a cool cape.

Security experience (300 word minimum):

I fell in love with being an officer after about 100 hours playing the game. I had done a lot of other jobs, and I enjoyed the hell out of all of them. Then I randomly selected secoff. Love at first sight. Being the protecting force for the station gave me an experience that I had yet to encounter in this game. It traded the slow paced, largely solo gameplay of most other roles for a unique experience where you collaborate with your fellow players to create a well oiled crime fighting machine. You just dont get an experience like that in other roles! So ever since I discovered the joy of being a secoff, I've been hooked. From exorcising haunted cargo holds to defusing space nukes, security duty gives you a thrillride unlike any other. And it's educational too. Since I took up being an officer of the space law, I've learned how to deal with ghosts, how to fairly treat criminals, how to use computers, and much much more.  It doesn't just teach you game mechanics though. For example, my RP ability has gone through the roof ever since I started playing security.  I've learned how and when to LOOC, how to react to situations while in character, and how to avoid metagaming. And I've also learned to manage stressful situations on-station without panicking, which I think is an essential skill to have as a HoS. I think that I am ready to be a HoS because I am capable of leading security teams, understand the game pretty well, and am respectful to people I arrest. Moreover, I am also willing to let an antag continue playing the game if they get caught early, because I know from experience how much it sucks to be instantly borged after a sloppy murder as a traitor. Security duty has taught me to remember that every screen has a face behind it, helped me learn tons of mechanics, and helped secure my addiction to this awesome game.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
    Treat people like humans when you arrest them. Talking to a criminal like they are lower/less then you will limit RP, and overall make the experience less fun. Also, c'mon. You don't wanna be known as that one officer who will brig you for hitting them accidentally.
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
    We had this one player (who in retrospect was likely an admin) who could play the hell out of their role. She taunted us over comms, stole pods, and even made monologues over the radio. One of my favorite Sec moments was directly confronting her, only for her to steal my pod and hide away in space. Loved every second of that game.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
    Remove beepskeys. They ruin the game for everyone.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
    I play a lot more cautiously if I only am one person. The station only has me defending them, so it's my job to stay alive and keep them safe. If I'm in a team however, I tend to make riskier plays that overall benefit security more because I know I have backup.
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
    David Dead, the skeleton with Psudonecrosis who is convinced that they are dead.
  • Draw a picture!
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):None to my knowledge
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to lack of community feedback. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days!

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