Caio029's Mentor application
Usual character name: Random.
BYOND username: Caio029
Discord username: asdasddads#7399 (nickname is Caio029 as well)
Recommended by: no one.
Goon servers I play: Always on 2.

Reason for application + game experience:
I've always liked teaching new players. When you have a new scientist in toxins trying to learn how to make TTVs, when you have a detective in MechLab trying to learn how to do PDA packet-hacking, when you have a miner trying to learn what is a high energy conductor or a staff assistant asking you how they can aid you, I have a great pleasure in teaching them how they do things that they truly want to learn, and opening a door for more knowledge to flow and for them to experiment with what I have teached them. Having this opportunity to teach new or veteran players about things they want to know about would be great for them who want to learn, specially when they do not want to learn from any other source, for example the wiki. I do think that the Goonwiki must be advised for new players to use, after all it teaches you everything from swapping hands to setting up a singularity generator, but most of the times it is out-dated, nobody decides to document things on it or people simply have a hard time deciphering the text on the wiki, so having a human guiding you to the right path is helpful at all times.
Now about my experience, I have learned a lot 7+ months of playing the game. There are many mechanics that I cannot even list here that I have tried to learn in-depth about, and I do think that I have gotten somewhat sharp at most of them. From Mat-Sci to packets to Toxins to the TEG to Medical to many other roles, I have played a lot of each and have enjoyed learning about their specific jobs within the station. The only role I cannot say for sure I have played a lot is Sec (which I am working on!) and most gimmick jobs, as I always viewed them as an RP option. Besides that, I have practiced and read on the roles and mechanics in game from the very source code to learn new things about the game, and I can say for myself that I have learned enough to teach others confidently based from the wiki and what I know.

Previous bans: I have been let off with a warning multiple times before, but I only got banned once, on an Oshan-related phlog pitcher rage.
Quick tip: Choose one character name and stick to it. That way people can recognize and recommend you.
(06-30-2022, 08:46 AM)Orwell Wrote: Quick tip: Choose one character name and stick to it. That way people can recognize and recommend you.

Yeah, I made it constant to "Winston Mercado" yesterday but forgot to update the appeal. Thanks for reminding me!
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to lack of community feedback. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days!

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