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Idea: Emagged QM Console Allows Selling Corpses
This idea came about after reading a discord post, where someone was disappointed that they could not sell people. My idea is that an emagged, or otherwise altered QM console (maybe you spend TC for a special module) unlocks a secret trader that will pay very well for corpses you send to them.

That's about it, it's a pretty simple (in theory) idea

space bear
I mean you can sell people, they'll just go to the NT Retention Center
I'm aware, but just throwing out the suggestion that stickering them with this trader allows you to collect a profit. It's hella obvious to drag corpses to QM, but could be a fast moneymaker
I’ve had similar ideas but never made a forum post about them, a cool idea I had was a QM syndicate computer board that would have a black market interface, allowing the QM to make significantly bigger profits, control which bank account the money goes to, and export organs, limbs, bodies in exchange for considerably bigger profits or even other traitor gear.
You can already hack the QM console to get black market things, the difference is you can only buy, not sell.
But you can teleport things to the Syndicate with a special cargo teleporter for traitors.

A simple fix would be being able to print barcodes that export to the black market. Maybe via a hacked PDA since Barcodes are done via a barcode pc, so a hacked PDA program that would print the barcode would be perfeclty fine.

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