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The last festival of Litha?
the solstice is a sacred time, and every year the witches gather. but this year was different...

[Image: CQfkPk6.png]

the witches' festival had some unexpected guests, and things got a little out of hand.

[Image: ISvhbMh.png]

a star had fallen from the sky, and it was... inhabited? the witches weren't quite sure what to do when they met the strange people.

[Image: rhXLKiE.png]

and they certainly weren't prepared for a clown with a battering ram...

at first they didn't quite know what to make of each other, but soon everyone learned they weren't so different, though things didnt always work out right...

[Image: rRq5JnR.png]

the witches invited the star people to their festival, and everyone gathered and celebrated,

[Image: qcmypvV.png]

for Litha, ritual of the sun.

[Image: 6IDqtVf.png]

and the crew of Space Station 13 learned some things from the kind witches,

[Image: f8CNEhw.png]

in a dark world the only answer is love and light.

[Image: DgTyIkZ.png]

...but despite your best efforts, sometimes that isn't enough. and that's okay. you can try again tomorrow.

[Image: 1L9dzkE.png]

just remember to keep your arms and legs firmly attached and inside the station at all times, and thanks for playing.

imgur album link

i had a great time playing one of the witches at the event, how about you?
It was fantastic, I had alot of fun and considering the ocean of people I think alot of neat happened. A million in one coincidence happened that made my character who is terrified of people hates physical contact, crowds or strangers holding hands with a complete stranger on an alien world she will never say again watching a star she'll never see again surrounded by people she didn't know.

It captured a weird sort of summer magic for me that I forgot a long time ago. And it gave it to a character I portray so much she's almost like a person I know...wat coulda been a 20 minute murder fest turned into a long and happy memory.

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