Barry's Mentorship App
Usual character name:Barry Bojangles
BYOND username:Thrillhaus
Discord username (if you are on our discord):Thrillhaus#4422
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Goon 1

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):After careful consideration and some off and on mulling around I have decided to try for mentorship, I've been playing since late August 2020 and over the last year been making big strides in learning new mechanics and tips. Though previously over that time I've considered the mentorship only more recently have I felt I have enough knowledge and expereince to help the server and team respectively. During my time gooning I've been bartending, janitoring, chefing, seccing and staffing. Throughout my time I strive to learn new things to do, some for good, some bad... And am always willing to help those who look lost or ask for help. Recently I learned I knew more about setting up a singulo than I thought I did, and I almost never play Engineer, nor was I one at the time. Helping this community has been fun and engaging and I love interacting with people and guiding them through what they can do. Learning new things to do and to pass that knowledge onto others is always exciting and engaging in the right circumstances. Looking forward to helping the crew further in the future. Thank you!

civillian: Doing chef work I know the run arounds on how to make most items without looking at the cook book. I can whip up a pizza party in no time, and provide a meatball sandwich in a moments notice. Janitorial, I don't know what I can't do here. Helping out fixing walls and lighting is a good skill to have. Botany is something I don't know much about but I have basic knowledge of the plant usage and how I can use them to further my cooking or even med/sci usage. Bartender is like the brainchild of a chem nerd who loves to drink, and who doesn't love that? Only recently have I taken up chem mixing and the use within, it's fun and I look forward to helping nudge others that way.

engineering: Within the last month or so I've taken upon myself to learn how to build new things as well dismantle things that aren't usually taken apart. It's been an interesting expereince seeing how some things work, I have more to learn and experiment with.

medical: Not quite sure how some chems work in terms of medical, as a medi borg I can bring you back fairly quickly. However; I can put your limbs back on or replace them with wreckless abandon, I can remember several wizard encounters where every other individual would come in for a new ass, or limb replacement. Robotics is great for surgery experience I learned at that time. Keeping someone alive isn't so easy, but that is just part of the pitfall that is life.

research: Honestly all I really know is artifact research, and even then my knowledge is limited. I barely know how to use the DWAIN.

security: Doing security work is dirty. Half the crew doesn't trust you and the other half want you dead. Depending on what you do, Det, SecASS, or full Sec your duties are varied, which is pretty nice. Depending on how you roll will depend on your effectiveness. Not every secoff will be as robust as your next secass. I enjoy going around as Detective though and trying to solve a crime that may or may not have happened. Tackling lings and traitors is a close second, but nothing beats a good blood scan.

heads: Honestly the only head role I've really fallen into is HoP, for a small time I recall being asked about HoP things when I was just a staffass, this is honestly a more intensive role given you have the ability to grant access to areas that may have been a deterrent against some antagonist. Be it they're gonna bomb the place, or take your life and assume your role. You have a hard time controlling who goes where, does what and if they're gonna ruin someones day. Honestly one of the harder roles to take on.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
cool man, nice hair, friendly and funny, will sure make a great mentor
he does seem like a good mentor and a smart man look how much words he has
While I don't have any specific memories of you I remember you as being generally helpful and good to be around.
friendly, funny. I remember one time at the public market on oshan you put on a show for people by grabbing a dead bear and pretending to be the space bear, talking to people passing by. every round I've done with Barry on a sec team or behind the bar, they've been a helpful and lighthearted presence. they're kind in discord and active.

+1, always wondered why you werent a mentor sooner
Barry is a cool guy, and knows his stuff. +1
Barry is great people and a long time consistent player. I've seen them play in a plethora of roles and they always seemed quite capable at it. The biggest bonus I can see as Barry to be a mentor is, is that as a player and with my interactions with them, they seem as though they are the kind of person who is absolutely willing to sit down with and help someone when asked.

I think Barry absolutely deserves a +1 in this. (I said Barry the Mentor the shift before this went up, so proud)
yes, barry is a friendly and nice person, i would trust them absolutely; ive played with them a few times, and they are always calm and helpful with everyone, and very fun too. they are also very active on discord! so i think they would be a good mentor

+1 from me!
Mmmmh, Barry = gud player, and gud person overall. Which means they must be a gud mentor !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hav a +1
barry is one of the best players i have meet on goon, he is always friendly and helpful, when someone has trouble he always helps and he also knows a shit ton of info of goon, i see no reason of him not being a mentor already and i am in fact surprised i got mentor before barry as a matter of fact

+10000 hard yes to this
seen Barry around a lot and they are always very helpful, friendly and are more than willing to listen to people that need help. From what i've seen they would make a good mentor. +1 from me.
the skeleton seems to want to evolve into a purple rat
Always around and helpful, +1
Great, knowledgeable, and friendly person in the rounds I've seen them
They'll make for a good purple mouse!
bald bones and those bones creak K N O W L E D G E

How to P? +1

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