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Bruce Hunt Makes Awful Sprites
Wherein I use my bad art to make awful sprites because I am dead in game and have nothing better to do

1. The captain looks like a fatass in his armor! So I made him new armor that makes him slightly less of a fatass! Yay!

[Image: e3Qsi.png]

2. I made these a while ago, but since the old forum is dead they were lost forever! Lucky thing I never delete anything, because I'm stubborn like that. Party hats yay!

[Image: fQ9Yl.png]
[Image: hZ5rm.png]
[Image: Zh78x.png]
[Image: n1Nlc.png]
[Image: RoydT.png]
[Image: UXkac.png]
[Image: zCH3b.png]
[Image: 979UT.png]
[Image: Vx5wu.png]
[Image: MEP4I.png]
[Image: PEh6k.png]
[Image: G5ZG7.png]
I am dumb and forgot to do north/east/west/laying down sprites for the non-fatass captain armor!

[Image: 8orDC.png]

[Image: 7Kihe.png]

[Image: 98oIN.png]

[Image: Xjh6H.png]

To be honest, the north facing one is kinda half-assed because I was really getting impatient with spriting and just wanted to be done already.

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