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[MERGED PR] Gives secasses a single utility credit
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About the PR
Alongside the standard assistant token, this also gives secasses a single utility credit.

Why's this needed?
I think this will be a nice way of allowing secasses to get familar with the purchases before they play secoff.


(*)Security Assistant tokens now have a single utility credit.

conceptually I like this, but maybe not until some of the purchases are balanced out better?

for rp, we usually end up with 3-5 extra tokens in the vendor, so this would be up to 6-8 tokens of...probably donuts, yeah

I do really like the idea of getting them more familiar with stuff though

oh frick sorry I just saw that the donut reduction got put in last round; yeah this seems fine
this is going to predate another donut nerf
Edit: My bad, I misread. Giving Sec ass a single utility token is fine

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