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Why is there a Blond Guy in my podbay ?
I think we made the best podbay layout ever. Thanks to Viridis.

[Image: unknown.png?width=722&height=473]

Viridis suggested putting take landing strip Lights. They were even synchronized. And it looks so cool. I made that Warping inside was not authorized and decorated the rest. 
I truly love this layout, because it invites pilots to take off without the warp portal. And seeing a putt take of and land is pretty. 

Even for experience players; the debris field and a asteroid belt can quite dangerous. When they take of, there is a a chance they wont come back (or left the putt in space diner). There is something poetic to see them go instead of warping away.
And its always a pleasure to see pilots come back safe with some nice crate or new pods.
WOW! I actually want to see similiar stuff every shift now without much prep up time. But that requires us to have two pod bays. One for easy use and another for this kinda use. But.. I would still love it non the less to have this as a permanent job... and having ways to paint and upgrade pods be the podbay manager's job!

Infact lower the amount of starting pods to 1 big one and 1 small one so the podbay manager HAS to produce some!
And even mining/cargo pods can go there for upgrades and such!
With Aurora and Tammy, we made the longest Cogmap 1 Podbay, With a new personal Record of 13 pods and 8 Putts. 

[Image: unknown.png]I am very proud of this one.
yeah but what engines are they sporting

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