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The Void Lords (Personal SS13 Lore)
Ah yes.. the void lords 5 gods that are in charge of maintaining the void of space so we all don't crash into each others.

I created these 5's for Chaplain gags and being an original thing... but... I have grown to love these 5 "lords" of the void as a chaplain RPer cause they defy expectation.

They are:

Kezon, the one who decided to put the stars where they are.

Milana The One who likes blood.

Vernon the one who give us many tales.

Wakon the one who gives us dreams.

aaaand... Dave.. who's just Dave... no one understands Dave.

So Kezon is the star controller. Anything heat, star and light related is thanks to him. Don't set yourself on fire please... He dislikes that.. He keeps the stars apart so you won't burn yourself idiot! No he doesn't like ashes either.. just give him a sandwich or something. Easy offerings.

Milana who likes blood, also makes sure our organs, flesh and blood don't get torn apart by the void. She gives us shape and makes sure all fits in the void of space. But just cause she likes blood doesn't mean you should sacrfice everything for buckets of blood. That's a waste... also don't send her dead bodies, she hates that. THEY SMELL! And if you offer blood, don't spill it all over the floor... it gets dirty. Small amounts only since her void fridge gets full easy.

Vernon is the one that keeps communications, legends and knowledge going. They give us the stories we make up and have us come up with great things. The void is mysterious cause of them, cause mystery makes it fun for all. They prefer no offerings, just prayers of thanks and telling them of your favorite book. Vernon has once ran a book club apperently, it did well but ended due to everyone growing old... alas a Void lord's life is infinite like space thus his book clubs will always one day end.

Wakon is the one who gives us dreams... The endless void of our mind is linked via him and the dreams is the shapes he gives us. You would think he sleeps a lot, but no... he never sleeps... never....sleeps... He simply gives everyone the right dream or nightmare to go on in life... eventually dreams end and life goes on... He likes coffee.. lots of coffee... Followers of Wakon may never drink coffee, only offer it to him. Space Columbia is his favorite place to go!

And then there's Dave... Dave... no one understands him... no one knows what he does.. but he does something... If something goes wrong, it might been Dave who done it.. or not... Whoever Dave is... He well.. is just Dave. Followers of Dave offer anything to him, but.. It's Dave so.. whatever happens around him happens.. also never invite Dave to your party... cause someone will ask "Who invited Dave to the party?!" And it gets awkward..

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