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[MERGED PR] Decreases spy bounty refresh interval to 15 minutes on classic.
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About the PR
This pr changes the refresh interval for spy thief bounties to refresh once every 15 minutes instead of once every 25 minutes for classic. On roleplay the 25 minute refresh interval is maintained.

Why's this needed?
Currenlty spies is pretty slow pace wise, by allowing them to get more items and making spies rush more to get items, this should help increase the pace a lot.


(*)The bounty refresh interval for spies has been decreased from 25 minutes to 15 minutes on classic. For roleplay the refresh interval remains at 25 minutes.

The reason why I decided to keep the interval the same for roleplay is because spies can already get pretty stacked on roleplay, but more importantly Im unsure if the faster pace would benefit roleplay. This change very much intentionally forces spies to work faster if they want to get all the stuff they want. Id highly appreciate more feedback from roleplay peeps who are more involved in crew/antag affairs to if the current spy pace should remain the same, be sped up a bit (down to 20 minutes) or sped up a lot (down to 25).
Im cool with it. It will make the spies speed up some more
I like it
yes fully needed tbh, the spies rounds on classic always feel slow or tame in comparasion with other antags
(06-02-2022, 10:29 AM)Ikea Wrote: Req. for rp considerations

Definitely a fan of the speed up on classic and I like the way classic is handled separate from RP on this.

I'm a spy superfan on RP and I usually find that when I'm grabbing bounties while doing moderate interaction, I tend to always run out of time for one bounty on each refresh out of about 3 I attempt every cycle. Not that I think time needs to be slowed down or anything either, I'm weird and greatly enjoy the rush of trying to fasthack or squeeze into a place while placing some conversations for cover with only a few minutes left, even if it ultimately means I'll miss the bounty timer. It makes the ones you do get all that much more important and forces you to stay flexible in planning, which are what i feel the core unique traits of playing spy are.

I still walk away from rounds relatively stacked and can square off in some pretty big scenes with the gear I acquire. From the other side of the dynamic, I've been pulled into some pretty violent and action-heavy battles against spies as a secoff, and when someone does get flagged for one arrest and they get searched, they're usually packing 8-12 TC worth of spy gear easily. So I think the 25 minute timer is pretty close to where it needs to be; I definitely wouldn't lower it to 15, but I could see 20 minutes if other people were more for it. I think it would make that third hit-or-miss bounty less likely to be something I'll try to angle for each cycle, but it also might leave enough overtime per cycle for spies who want to do something outside the realm of their gear to get different dynamics in? (Mixing chems for sleepypens or chemnades, trench running on Oshan for supplementals, toxins work and bombs)

Looking forward to this on classic though for sure

Ooo, one other thing I was thinking with the time splits is that for the 100 minute round you get four 25-minute intervals or five 20-minute intervals.

Granted the last 10 minutes of that 100 is shuttle waiting/transit and when people are enacting plans, so you only have 15 minutes or 10 minutes of the last interval set to actively be acquiring bounties. While the 15 minutes is longer (based on the 25-minute intervals), I think there could be a benefit to the 20 minute intervals as it allows for one extra bounty list to be posted which may help with item variety!
This is fine on classic since it gives Spy's 3 cycles insted of 2. (well 4 since escaping is about 10 mins too)
tbh i'd even say to go as far as 10 minutes but 15 is def good
I've little substantial to add to this thread other than i think it's a healthy change for classic. I like it!
I think it should stick to 25m for the first objective,then you can reduce the time from there. The start of the shift is the busy time of the shift, where the spy might be getting equip or setting up their first steal. Giving them time to do that is important, after that, speed round.

So maybe 25m, 40m, 55m etc.

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