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A tall, messy-haired mime walks into the room and takes off... a jacket? Or at least he pretends to before placing it on the coat rack and sitting on the chair in front of you. He waves and tips his beret.

Usual Clown Mime name: He quickly pulls out his PDA and pops his ID out. He flips in around in his hand before showing it to you, revealing the name "Sarmenti Jingles"

BYOND username:
He flips his ID around once more and taps on the word roughly scribbled on the back, "HollandaiseSauce"

Recommended by (if applicable): 
He scratches his chin for a moment then points to himself before shrugging.

Goon servers you play:
He simply holds up three fingers, then four.

Clowning Miming Experience:
Sarmenti starts to count with his fingers, looking back and forth from both of his hands before stopping abruptly, sighing, and holding his arms out really wide. He then holds up two fingers then one. He pretends to wrap a bandage around his arm, then injects himself with an invisible syringe. He taps on his mask and holds up another finger. He tightens an invisible bolt with an equally invisible wrench before pretending to pull down a welding mask and "welding" something shut. He taps on his mask again and nods.

Answer one or more of the following:
 ? What advice would you give to other Clowns Mimes?
He pulls out his PDA once again and taps "messenger", then "scan". After this, he pops the pen out of its slot, twirls it then pops it right back in. He then pulls out a box of sticky notes and quickly scribbles down a picture of a lightbulb. He sticks it to his head and taps his temple. 

 ? What was one of your favorite Clown Mime moments? (Either playing as a Clown Mime or interacting with one)
Sarmenti looks down, lost in though. He scratches his head then holds up a finger as if he just thought of something. He form a plus with his fingers attempting to mimic a medical cross and points to himself. He then puts his hands on his hips then waves them in the air trying to form the rough outline of a person. He points to this "person", honks an invisible bike horn and begins walking around the room in a clumsy manner. He draws a line just under his sternum and grabs an invisible scalpel and pretends to cut through it. He pulls a harmonica out of his pocket and plays a small tune before jamming it against his chest. He then squeezes his chest and hums the same tune he played. He gives a quick thumbs up afterwards.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions:
 ? Suggest a new clowning Miming tool or gadget (i.e. bike horn, canned laughter)
He taps his hands against what seems to be an invisible wall. He then backs up, hops a few times then runs straight into this "wall"  before spinning around in a disoriented manner and falling over. After getting up he holds up a finger gun and points in to his his. He "fires" it and falls over. He gets up once more and pulls a baguette from his satchel. He breaks it in half and brandishes the two loaves of bread like swords. After that small display, he offer you one half of the split pastry. 

 ? What's a prank or gimmick that you've always wanted to pull off?
He pulls on an invisible badge on his chest then straightens his back and salutes. Next, he grabs his "jacket" and puts it on. He lights an invisible cigarette and pulls down his beret, pretending to monologue about something.

 ? Draw a picture!
He folds his hands together then suddenly produces a piece of paper out of thin air! He carefully sketches something being careful as to hide it from you before putting his pen down and proudly displaying his picture on the table.
[Image: Clown.png]
Sarmenti quickly hops off of the chair and gives you a quick salute. He pulls off his "jacket" once more and dusts it of before giving you a very deep bow and exiting the room with a wave.
Sir this is clown college not an institute of mimicry. But since you showed up + 1 honks.
This clown is a spy!

also +1 i like the creativity on this one
When is the head mime application dropping? +1

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